The Power Core: Pre-Season Power Rankings -- #31

#31 Brings the new Houston franchise: The Texans! But, while not the worst new franchise ever, the Texans won't be any more effective than their statesman in White House!

The "Power Core"  Pre-Season Power Rankings

By Still Apple

Oh Houston. How can there be a Houston franchise and not have the name "Oilers" attached to it? Bud Adams should be ashamed. But alas at least the new name is something that sounds remotely interesting "Texans." It's not unoriginal like "Panthers" "Rage" "Fire" "Storm" "Wizards" etc…

Finally football returns to Houston

#31 Houston Texans (N/A)

Remember when Houston football meant "Oilers," Warren Moon, Blowing Leads and the Coach-Whose-Name-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned-But-He's-Still-A-Bastard-Jerry-Glanville and House of Pain? Well, that isn't this team. And we can't even begin to believe that this team will follow that tradition. You see, unlike other moves, this franchise is completely brand spanking new. And you know every team in the NFL is scared about being the first team in history to lose to the "Texans."

The Good: Nowhere to go but up, eh? Dom Capers has a "bye" year. The fans will be enamored to see football in Houston again and thus a three-win season should be just honky-dorey with the Texan folk. Although, I can't help but think that the title "Remember the Titans" should probably have been saved for this story of a town losing it's beloved franchise, losing the naming rights and gaining a new franchise without the original name which is forever lost to history. Damn You Bud Adams!!!!! You are the Devil's Advocate.

The Bad: Even Denzel Washington won't be able inspire these guys to score points. The weapons are really non-existent. But the defense should be able to stop the ball every so often and could cause some teams to get a little nervous come the 3rd Quarter. But don't expect miracles. Tony Boselli anchors the offensive line. And while he's still a fabulous lineman, injuries make him a huge question mark to last the season.

The Ugly: Dom Capers last stint at the head was in Carolina (See #32). Does this guy just get the worst luck? First, he gets a team in Carolina way too old to begin with and now gets a franchise that was preceded by very, very infamous, tragic franchise. Frank Reich anyone?

Synopsis: Having football back in Houston is a great thing, but having professional caliber football in Houston probably won't happen for another year. It should be fun to see players like Tony Boselli waste their good years in Texas. Dom Capers will probably be wishing he stayed as a coordinater after a 3-win season.

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