The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #30

The Detroit Lions had all the makings of going 0 - 16 last year. They didn't winning 2 out of their last 4 to finish 2 -14. They can't hope for much more than that. Jay Leno jokes aside the Lions really were the loveable losers of last season. Too bad they'll just be plain losers this season.

The "Power Core"  Pre-Season Power Rankings

By Still Apple

I must be in the mood to reminisce, first, Houston and now Detroit. Remember when the Lions were actually good? No? Well you'd have to look back as far as 1991 to see when they made it to the NFC Championship Game. Remember when Barry Sanders ran amuck and actually helped rip Rod Woodsen's knee to shreds with fake that even physics couldn't comprehend. Well you thought that Steeler fans lived in the 70's. The Lions fans live in the Sanders-era.

#30 Detroit Lions (2-14)

Detroit has many problems. Let's get that straight. Many of these problems are because of poor management (Brendan Stai replacing Jeff Hartings…what was Millen smoking and can I have some). But a good portion of the problems stems from the fact that Barry Sanders early retirement screwed the Lions financially screwed for the future. The effects are starting to wear off, but the damage has been done and will linger from some time. If I were a Lions fan, I'd hate Barry Sanders for eternity turning his back on the city of Detroit but I won't get into that right now.

The Good: Most media are crowning Ford Field the king of NFL football stadiums. Matt Millen has a great head on his shoulders and should within 4 years have this franchise back on its feet. Robert Porcher deserves better, but he's as good as they come on the line (11 sacks last season). Eric Davis was signed to help an atrocious secondary.

The Bad: Losing Germaine Crowell and Johnnie Morton in two consecutive years hurt the offense so the front office signed Bill Schroeder and Az-Zahir Hakim. Well at least they didn't sign Michael Westbrook, they aren't that stupid (apparently that titled is still owned and operated by Cincinnati), but Schroeder and Hakim together wouldn't make a #1 receiver. Both guys will stretch the defense, but who's going to make the tough catches over the middle? Schroeder's got suspect hands and attitude problems, and Hakim has "Alvin Harper" written all over him. Joey Harrington is the new franchise quarterback…funny but we've heard this line the past three years only Charlie Batch and Mike McMahon filled that role.

The Ugly: I really don't have any animosity towards the Lions. Even the the Steeler Thanksgiving Day coin-toss debacle wasn't their fault. It's just going to be another ugly football season for the Lions.

Synopsis: Well, they won't lose 12-in-a-row again. They can't lose 12-in-a-row again. They might lose 12-in-a-row again. You see where I'm going with this: 4 wins max.




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