Q&A: Joey Porter

Steelers linebacker Joey Porter isn't satisfied with one ring, so he's on the warpath again.

JOEY PORTER, Pittsburgh Steelers

SCI: How does it feel to be the champ?

Joey Porter: It feels good.

SCI: Do you feel completed?

JP: No. I'm still playing so you're still writing the story.

SCI: You're not going to lose your edge are you?

JP: No.

SCI: How do you know?

JP: I'm still hungry. I feel like I'm supposed to have a few, you know what I mean? So I have one and it's great but we don't stop there. I want to keep it going.

SCI: Did you see what the other division teams have done this offseason?

JP: No, not really. I'll see how it pans out once the cats get to training camp. There are still some things happening. It really don't matter what they do anyway. It's always about what we do. How did we make ourselves better? That's what it comes down to.

SCI: See anything you like?

JP: Yeah. I'm liking everything we've got. It's time for everybody to get ready for their roles and get prepared so we can attack this thing full speed. We have a much higher standard now. We've always had high standards, but now we want to practice and play and do everything at a high level.

SCI: Are you confident it's going to happen?

JP: Yeah I'm confident it's going to happen. Why wouldn't it happen?

SCI: Well, there's the satisfaction element.

JP: No. If that was the case we would have done that after the 15-1 or 13-3 years, all the years we felt like we had a chance but lost in the AFC Championship game.

SCI: But you didn't get what you needed.

JP: I know. We never got what we needed but we always kept pushing. Hey, we didn't even win our division and we did it the hard way, so we're definitely looking forward to what we can do this year.

SCI: Any upshot from Super Bowl week and Jerramy Stevens?

JP: There's nothing to talk about. We won; they lost. That's pretty much how it went. It doesn't matter to me what anyone says about it.

SCI: Will you try to stay away from that type of interaction in the future or will you keep that edge?

JP: I've got to play with that edge. If I don't, I might as well stop playing football period. You would look at me different if you saw me change or if I started doing something different. I'll always stay like that. That's what gets me up to play. I can't see me going up there and not getting myself ready to play, not getting myself fired up, not getting my team fired up. That's what I expect out of myself. That's how I'm going out there. When I stop doing that, they'll be looking for someone to take my place.

SCI: You had some losses, so will this defense remain ferocious?

JP: Yeah. We just need some players to step into the new roles and step up. (Brett) Keisel's been playing for us already. We got Rodney Bailey back. We've still got Travis (Kirschke) and all those guys, so the way we were rotating our defensive line I still expect them to go out there and play good anyway. We still have our same linebacking crew. We lost a safety in Chris Hope but we got some other guys that we signed in the offseason and we have other guys who've been in the system like Mike Logan and Tyrone (Carter), guys who've been waiting their turn anyway.

SCI: It makes you think a dynasty's possible, doesn't it?

JP: Yeah! Like I said, I feel like this should be like two or three, for real. That's how I feel. But it's not; it's our first one and we're still hungry.

SCI: You might be hungry, but you won't have the chip on your shoulder.

JP: I don't think there will be anything different. If anything, we'll be better. The quarterback's getting better; the offensive line's healthy; Max Starks will be more confident. I think we're just going to have more confidence. We had confidence already, but now we've proven that we did it the hard way. Why shouldn't our confidence grow? Now we're going to have the chip on our shoulder with the confidence. The swagger will be a little more swaggin'. We're ready and we're fired up about it.

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