Lolley: Some thoughts on minicamp

With minicamp wrapping up today, the Steelers' coaching staff will use what it learned this weekend to shape their upcoming coaching sessions.

The guess here is that they'll like what they saw.

As they were last season, the Steelers were all business at minicamp. Sure, there's some goofing around. This team has a great rapport. The veterans really like each other and that adds to the chemistry in the locker room.


Certainly something was missing in the locker room with the loss not only of Jerome Bettis, but Antwaan Randle El, Kimo von Oelhoffen and, to a lesser extent, Chris Hope.

But in speaking with several veterans about that, it doesn't look like it will be a problem.

Besides, the loss of those locker room leaders will hasten quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's growth into the ultimate leader of this team.

© As for the edge the team played with last season, that likely won't be a problem either.

With the mouth of the Ohio River, Chad Johnson, spouting off a couple of weeks ago about how the Bengals were going to dominate the division, to the oddsmakers making a number of other teams better bets to win the Super Bowl, the Steelers will have plenty of different ways to play the lack of respect card.

It was funny, though, Sunday to hear linebacker Joey Porter laughing off head coach Bill Cowher's constant statements about how the Steelers weren't the best team in the league last season.

Note to Cowher: When Porter figures out that you're trying to play Jedi mind tricks, it's not much of a Jedi mind trick.

© The fans are going to love Santonio Holmes.

He's smooth in and out of his routes and can blow by corners if they're not careful.

This kid will be the eventual replacement for Hines Ward, something Antwaan Randle El was never going to be.

© Tyrone Carter a starting free safety on the defending Super Bowl champs?

That's the way things are now. But Ryan Clark will win the job not long into training camp. He's a bright guy and should have no problem winning the job.

© I didn't get a chance to ask him, but Willie Parker looks like he's added a little bulk in the weight room. I'll have to hit him up with that question in the voluntary coaching sessions.

Parker likely added the extra weight to help him hold up throughout the season – provided he actually did add the weight as I am surmising.

Courtesy of the Observer-Reporter

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