The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #28

After a disruptive off-season the New York Giants have only a few things to look forward too: Michael Strahan's "Road to Free Agency" Tour and another losing season.

The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #28

And another "Giant" falls. Bad pun, but very true. Coming in right in front of Baltimore are the runner-ups to the 2001 Lombardi trophy, The New York Football Giants. The problem with the Giants is that an overachieving team became an underachieving mess very quickly. I think it was that heartbreaking loss to St. Louis in week 5 last year that really began the downward spiral for New York. Plus having to rely on Ron Dayne as your #1 running back isn't exactly 7th heaven either.

#28 New York Giants (7 – 9  Third in NFC East)

Talk about your marital squabbles. Tike Barber and Michael Strahan were more like "Al and Peg" instead of the Bradys. This will really hurt any chance this team has at competing because it will take one fumble, one missed sack, one wrong move and these guys will be bitch slapping each other silly. Oh…that and Kerry Collins is still the Quarterback.

The Good: Jeremy Shockey may be the Tight End they've been looking for since Mark Bavaro. Tiki Barber injured and severely underused last season is a poor man's Marshall Faulk and should see much more of the ball.. Ike Hillard also injured last season should provide a stellar Pro Bowl-caliber season. Michael Strahan is still the best Defensive Lineman in the game and will continue to generate mismatches and double teams. Maybe this eyar he'll really sack Bret Favre.

The Bad: A strong offensive line got weak in a hurry with Lomas Brown headed to pasture and Ron Stone headed for the Frisco Bay. Jason Sehorn although recovered from knee problems will see that his best years are way behind him. Jesse Armstead's loss will hurt more in the locker room than on the field, but Sam Garnes' depature leaves a gaping hole in the secondary. The Giants while offering the farm to Strahan didn't do anything productive in the free agent market. Kerry Collins morphed back into his real self with costly redzone fumbles, holding onto the ball too long, throwing into double teams, telegraphing his throws...I could go on. Rookies, not veteran quarterbacks, make these mistakes, but apparently Collins never got that memo.

The Ugly: Kerry Collins will see a ton of pressure this season and that means more interceptions, more fumbles, more bad decisions and more griping in the locker room.

Synopsis: The Boys in Blue will have their work cut out for them if they are to get to .500. I really see them as the weakest team in the NFC East and a team that will continue its downward spiral. 5 – 6 wins at the most in Michael Strahan's probable last season in the Big Apple.

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