Top 10 Steelers videos

In that dead period following the draft and leading up to the start of training camp, blogger Ryan Wilson searched the internet far and wide to put together his top-10 Steelers videos for your viewing enjoyment.

God, I love Youtube. Back in the good 'ol days of the Internet – when having a 56.6 modem was considered fast – watching online videos was basically out of the question unless you had half a day to devote to downloading the stuff. Now, thanks to computer geek factories like Carnegie Mellon, what used to take hours now takes seconds. And smack dab in the middle of the dullest part of the NFL season, this is a good thing. Here are 10 of my favorite Pittsburgh Steelers videos -- all courtesy of Youtube – for your viewing pleasure:

1. Jerome Bettis Tribute. This is a collection of photographs – no actual video here – but it's a good way to get things rolling. The music is solid and the creator is also kind enough to throw in the gratuitous Hines Ward Crying after the 2005 AFCC Game press conference for good measure. By the way, is that not one of the top-5 most cringe-worthy clips in recent sports history? Here's the subset:

1. Lawrence Taylor snaps Joe Thiemann's leg in 1985;

2. The Detroit Pistons – Indiana Pacers melee during '04-'05;

3. Charles Barkley's golf swing;

4. Barbaro breaks leg in 2006 Preakness;

5. Hines Ward crying.

Just so I'm not being a complete Debbie Downer, here's the Super Bowl MVP being presented with his Escalade And Jerome announcing his retirement.

2. World Champs. Here's a look at the entire season in photos, again set to music sure to make you want walk into your boss' office and pretend he's a Browns fan and you're James Harrison.

3. Playoff Highlights. If you can get through the first few minutes – the video is inexplicably set to "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd – there are some great highlights from the 2006 post-season.

4. I Love the Playoffs. This video looks at both the Steelers and the Seahawks in the conference championship games, but it's well worth a look-see if for no other reason than the last few scenes show Vanderjagt having his post-missed-kick meltdown while Peyton Manning makes his "idiot kicker" face. Priceless.

5. Steelers Locker Room, 2006 AFCC. For me, the highlight is watching Joey Porter do "We Ride," while Sean Morey accidentally knocks Larry Foote to the ground as he jumps around like a maniac. I can't say this enough: Morey is a danger to his teammates … just ask Andre Frazier.

6. Super Bowl XL Music Video Highlight Reel. This is probably the most extensive of all the Super Bowl highlights -- it's just over nine minutes -- which is pretty impressive when you consider that the game was easily the worst of the post-season for both teams. But hey, for most of us it still beats working.

7. And if you're just looking for the condensed version, here's Willie Parker's 75-yard TD run, straight from the ABC telecast.

8. Okay, if you've had your fill of post-season highlights, try this on for size. Nothing like watching the Steelers -- on both sides of the ball -- knock the crap out of a bunch of regular season opponents.

9. And in the spirit of fairness, here are some games that saw Pittsburgh on the losing end:

* 1973 Steelers vs. Raiders * 2001 Patriots vs. Steelers * 2006 Week 2: Steelers vs. Jets
Yeah, I didn't remember that Steelers - Jets game either ... until I watched the video.

10. Finally, this might be the best of the bunch, but you HAVE to watch it with the volume turned up. This just goes to show that John Facenda can make anything infinitely more viewable if he's doing the play-by-play, no matter how seemingly mundane.

Well, I hope this little Steelers retrospective has helped you become even less productive than you usually are at the workplace. And remember, just like the players, there really is no off-season for fans either. Or at least that's what you can tell your boss when he accuses you of goofing off on the company's dime.

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