The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #24

"America's Team" returns again in another sorry state. Last year, Jerry Jones passed on taking Kendrell Bell and the Steelers swiped him up for the steal of the draft. This year the Steelers passed on Antonio Bryant and the Cowboys...yup you guessed. Deja vu anyone?

The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #24

What was Jerry Jones thinking? Predicting a 10-win season and a trip to the playoffs with Quincy Carter at the helm...Quincy freaking Carter. Well, the Cowboys achieved half of that total, but had it not been for a gutsy, overachieving defense that total could have been much less.

#24 Dallas Cowboys (5 - 11 Last in NFC East)

Dallas enters this season with high hopes of competing for a playoff spot. Coach Dave Campo may have meant well when he said that the Dallas Cowboys could compete with for the NFC East title. I will say that they are probably the 2nd best team in the NFC East (a distant second), but they are still a decent offense and proven quarterback away from making a serious run at the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Good: A youthful, tough-nosed overacheivnng defense got better over the off-season with the addition of Kevin Hardy and La'Roi Glover. Glover is the better of the acquisitions, but Hardy, if he can stay healthy, could be the spark to make this bunch the total package. Antonio Bryant may have been the steal of the draft, and Roy Williams gives them a franchise safety. 

The Bad: With speed demons Joey Galloway and Raghib Ismail, one has to wonder where Bryant will fit into the mix. The Cowboys desperately needed a possesson receiver and…didn't get one. The loyalty to Emmitt Smith's pursuit of the NFL all-time rushing title has held back this team from grooming Smith's eventual replacement. Bruce Coslet, the mastermind of the recent Cincinnati debacles, comes in as offensive coordinator.

The Ugly: Quincy Carter or Chad Hutchinson will be the quarterback of the team this year. Opposing secondary units should be salivating at the opportunities.

Synopsis: I stuck this team just ahead of Washington because I really think they are the better team…this year. I think Bryant should provide a spark on offense and Emmitt Smith will break Walter Payton's record. But, this team won't make the playoffs.




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