Ben fined; woman cited for causing accident

At a Monday morning press conference, Pittsburgh police announced their findings of the Ben Roethlisberger motorcycle accident that occurred last Monday in front of the Amstrong Tunnels in downtown Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was issued two citations for "failure to drive in his class" and "failure to wear his helmet" while driving a motorcycle that crashed into a Chrysler New Yorker last Monday, June 12.

Roethlisberger suffered a broken jaw, nose and other facial fractures in the accident.

The woman driving the car was cited for "failure to yield to oncoming traffic" when Roethlisberger, driving 35 M.P.H. in a 35 M.P.H. zone, proceeded through a green light before ramming into the left-turning car.

According to KDKA-TV, Roethlisberger faces fines of up to $388 and a potential suspension from PENNDOT once he receives his motorcycle permit.

The woman, whose name is being witheld by police, will face a fine of up to $106.50.

The woman also reported to police that she has received several threatening phone calls. Of the threats, Police Chief Dominic Costa said: "There is an investigation going on. She's received numerous threats and she filed police reports and we're taking appropriate action."

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