The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #23

The first entry from the AFC West is San Diego at #23. I may have thrown them a little too high, but I like the way Marty gets his players to overacheive (in the regular season, mind you). And I think they will surprise a few people this year. But, they still won't be very good.

The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #23

Flutie-mania hit full circle last year when the San Diego Chargers took on the Buffalo Bills. The newest patron saint of the Charger revival, Flutie, got the best of the Rob Johnson and the Bills, but that would be the high point of the season. Everything went down hill from there.

#23 San Diego Chargers (5 - 11 Last in AFC West)

San Diego enters the season with a new coach, a new linebacker and a new tight end. But, unfortunately, these upgrades won't be enough to send the Chargers into the playoffs much less garner a winning record.

The Good: This team has good secondary and that's important in the pass happy AFC West. LaDainian Tomlinson can't disappear after 5 games again…can he? He is still their best offensive weapon. Marty Schottenheimer will have these guys playing all out and this team could overachieve this season. Donnie Edwards gives them 100 tackles a season and a solid presence opposite Junior "Hold My Spot Hall of Fame" Seau.

The Bad: This team will go as far as the quarterback will let them. Since it will be either Doug Flutie or Drew Brees, the consistency factor won't be there. This team needs to cut the cord with Brees, but they probably won't unless things get really bad. Why on earth they gave Tim Dwight a $5 Million signing bonus, I will never know. Sometimes a team with such potential makes questionable choices and such are the Chargers.

The Ugly: This team doesn't have much of hope of jumping into contention when both Oakland, Kansas City and Denver all upgraded better this off-season.

Synopsis: I just can't get excited about a team that refuses to allow Doug Flutie to go quietly into the night. Drew Brees needs to be starting, but he won't. 6 wins max.

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