The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #19

Jim Haslett has one year to prove that his act isn't growing old in the French Quarter. The tired, wimpering legacy of the Saints is in jeopardy extending another year. But, this year the Saints feature a potentially explosive offense with goals of a division championship.

The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #19

New Orleans for a time last season looked like the real deal. Ricky Williams was running wild. Pro-Bowl receiver Joe Horn was having a solid season and Aaron Brooks had firmly stamped his claim as the starting quarterback. Then came the Jets. The Saints with a chance to tie the game in the final minutes, Kyle Turley made everyone remember that some football players get way too emotional and tried to behead Damien Robinson. For his efforts, Turley received a penalty and was kicked out of the game, and the Saints never recovered.

#19 New Orleans Saints (7 - 9) 3rd in NFC West

This year the Saints have very different look. Gone are Ricky Williams, Willie Roaf, Albert Connell, La'Roi Glover and Joe Johnson.  All are Pro-Bowl caliber players. Jim Haslett enters the final year of his contract. You can make it a bet that he needs a playoff visit to keep his job.

The Good: The Saints should have one of the top passing attacks. Aaron Brooks has a good, strong arm and even better confidence in Joe Horn. Jerome Pathon, a steal from Indy, and rookie Donte Stallworth round out this three-headed monster. Deuce McCallister should give them a solid 1,000 yds. The NFC South is pretty weak this year so if the Saints can keep up with Tampa, then they have a shot.

The Bad: Losing Ricky Williams may be a bad move. Sure he wasn't happy on Bourbon Street, but Duece is injury-prone. He slipped in the draft due to multiple injuries. Dale Carter was recently suspended indefinitely due to substance-abuse violations. This hurts the cornerback position. The character of this team was sorely questioned last year and Haslett couldn't motivate them. This year the team is less talented and weaker depth-wise, which could make for a long season if the losses pile up early.

The Ugly: Kyle Turley is one homely looking guy. He even looks worse when he loses control. If he pull his over-the-edge crap this year, he may find that's grown quite old.

Synopsis: The playoffs are a possibility for this team especially if the offense can explode to its potential. But, realisticly this team will probably miss the playoffs by a game or two with an 8 – 8 record.

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