Mid-rounders sign rookie contracts

The Steelers are off to a slow start in signing their draft picks, but the team secured its second and third such rookies of the summer by signing Orien Harris and Charles Davis to three year-contracts on Tuesday.

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed defensive lineman Orien Harris and tight end Charles Davis to three-year contracts for minimum-wage salaries.

Harris, the fourth-rounder out of the University of Miami, received a signing bonus $278,000, and Davis, a fifth-rounder out of Purdue University, received a signing bonus of $104,000.

The Steelers have signed three of their nine picks but, according to the Tribune-Review, are far from a deal that would land first-round pick Santonio Holmes.

Holmes was arrested twice this off-season, and Steelers chairman Dan Rooney told the paper that Holmes "has to realize this is a great opportunity to be a very good player on a very good team, but to do that he has to make some sacrifices. He's gotta be on the straight and narrow."

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