After practice: Ken Whisenhunt

Ben Roethlisberger looked like the Ben of old at his first practice with the Steelers on Sunday. He threw long, intermediate and short. He rolled out, threw a bootleg pass and appeared his old nimble self. Offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt has more:

Ken Whisenhunt, offensive coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: What did you think about Ben Roethlisberger's first practice?

KW: He was practicing so that's a good thing. You know what? He did a good job in the huddle; he understood his reads. The timing was off a little bit for everybody but that's a normal first-day situation, so I'm very encouraged with what he did and it was very good to see him out there.

Q: What did you think of Santonio Holmes?

KW: He made a big play on one of them down the field. You know, he missed all of the techniques and fundamental things that we did with the routes in the spring, so there are going to be a lot of little things that come up where it's going to cause the timing to be a little bit off. But you know what? He made a good play on the one down the field. You like to see him go and catch the ball like that. And I think once he gets a little more comfortable with what he's doing it'll help him. I was encouraged. The effort was good today.

Q: Other than the timing, did you notice where Ben was off?

KW: No. Some of it was working with receivers after having not worked with them, but that's normal. To me it appeared to be a normal first day of training camp, which is a good thing.

Q: He's been saying he feels good. So he looked that way to you? Nothing abnormal at all?

KW: He understood. He did a good job in the huddle. He had command of the huddle as well as the plays, so to me that was very good. I didn't see anything any different than it was in the spring.

Q: How was Willie Reid?

KW: Willie's learning. We're putting him in a number of different positions because he's got a little bit more of a base because he was here for the coaching sessions and he's doing a good job. Once again, when you put the pads on, put the shoulder pads on, and get a little bit more contact with the DBs, that's something that they haven't seen, so it's good to see that, get some experience with that. Of course there are some situations that come up where there are some contested balls that you have to make the play.

Q: How are you working the running backs?

KW: We're just doing it by play. We're trying to give everybody the same looks and the same situations so we're kind of rotating in and out, more based on the play than anything else.

Q: How did Omar Jacobs look?

KW: For a young quarterback he shows some things that make you thing there's some potential there. He's still new to getting away from the center. There was one today where he didn't take it far enough on his drop and the line came back to him and he was jammed up. That's something that he'll see as he gets more experience doing it, you know, getting away from the center, getting set, throwing it on time. But in the pocket he's a big guy; he can see the field and he can make some throws.

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