Photo Gallery: Training Camp II

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what follows is a rambling 12,000-word narrative of what was my first-ever Steelers training camp experience. Part two of this series serves up another hot, steaming batch of training camp images from the manicured athletic fields of St. Vincent College ...

Running back "Fast" Willie Parker (39) gets his stretch on.

Quarterback Omar Jacobs gets up close and personal with center Marvin Philip.

First-rounder Santonio Holmes would get to this ball, make the grab, and get both feet in.

Sean Morey (in white) tries to hold off Chidi Iwuoma (29) from a special teams-only roster spot that may not exist.

Trai Essex (in white) locks up Arnold Harrison as Orien Harris (71) and Andre Frazier (94) rush the pocket.

Clark Haggans (53) looks around for a plate number after being slammed to the ground face-first by rookie Willie Colon (74).

In one-on-one drills, Shaun Nua (96) tries to turn the corner versus Marvel Smith (in white).

Troy Polamalu (43) stalks his prey: (from left-to-right) Jonathan Dekker, Isaac Smolko, Willie Colon, and Chris Kemoeatu.

Rookie linebacker Lee Vickers (67) sizes up Max Starks (left) as a chinstrap-less Ben Roethlisberger calls signals.

James Harrison (left) and Jerame Tuman (right) mix it up.

Jeff Hartings (64) tapes himself back together between reps.

Fullback Branden Joe (38) awaits the snap under the watchful eye of position coach Dick Hoak.

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