Uncensored" Chat. Wexell says how it is, with no PR fluff. Look for Jim Wexell and other Pittsburgh media that will be hosting chats here at stillers.com in the upcoming weeks..

"> Uncensored" Chat. Wexell says how it is, with no PR fluff. Look for Jim Wexell and other Pittsburgh media that will be hosting chats here at stillers.com in the upcoming weeks..


Jim Wexell Uncensored

<p>Jim Wexell "<b>Uncensored"</b> Chat. Wexell says how it is, with no PR fluff. Look for Jim Wexell and other Pittsburgh media that will be hosting chats here at stillers.com in the upcoming weeks..</p>

Note: Transcript has been edited for Print.

Joe10 Jim Wexell is on his way
Blitzburgh Well...look what the cat dragged in. Hi Wex!
Joe10 Hello Jim Wexell
jim_wexell OK fellas. Let me start off by telling you that CNN and Goodmorning America will televise Monday from St. Vincent College. Pretty heady stuff.
gboyd Cool
Blitzburgh Cool.
jim_wexell Let's start with the questions. Let em fly.
omeany I read that Simmons has a hamstring issue- anything serious
jim_wexell By the way, I had a helluvan answer going on Kendall Simmons. He looked great, ran great, sounded great in the interview. It looks like the Steelers did their homework in drafting this kid. He's pure class.
jim_wexell Oh, here's the nugget I was typing when yanked: Andre Gurode was a character failure -- assaults, dropped sex stuff, the whole gamut. The Cowboys really drafted some jerks. Hope they get torched.
gboyd Smart in signing before the drills began.
omeany classic Cowboys
Blitzburgh They will, Wex...
gboyd Any one look out of shape Jim?
jim_wexell Zereoue didn't look too good, but he also won the last sprint of his group. I guess he's going to need a little time. He thinks he'll have to wear a flak jacket tomorrow.
jim_wexell Hampton has a lot of weight, but he really looked good at minicamp. he could be a Ted Washington this year. The big cause for concern with his weight is career oriented. They want him to be around for awhile, but his weight won't bother him this year.
omeany any jealousy over A. Smith's contract
gboyd Batch and Bruener ""ran"" on the sidelines. Will they be ready for hitting?
omeany how about Randel El?
jim_wexell Randle El was at the head of his group all day. It seemed like the rookies did the best job in the run test -- runnin scared perhaps.
omeany does Burress seem more mature?- heard he looked well conditioned
omeany speaking of character, did Burress give the run test 100%%
Joe10 Hey, you calling my ego freak receiver a bad pick?
jim_wexell And yeah I'm calling Antonio Bryant a jerk. As for Clancy, yeah, he'll feel it from Hoke. Edwards? Well, he'll have to beat Lenzie Jackson. Might not be too hard. Can't say I've seen much from jackson, although coaches and some of my reporter friends say otherwise.
Blitzburgh Oh yeah!
Blitzburgh Rotten to the core.
jim_wexell Burress won the last sprint but he didn't bust ass the whole time. Can't say he dogged it though. He did alright.
omeany do you think Hampton's troubles were really due to surgery?
Blitzburgh Looked huge in that tank top, huh, Wex?
Joe10 I have heard Clancy is in a hot seat just like Edwards, true ?
Joe10 How is Cowhers approach to this year different from last ?
jim_wexell I wouldn't say Hampton looked huge. He looked huge at minicamp and seems to have come down in weight. Getting weight information is tougher than getting salary information.
Joe10 Well the weather is suppose to be up around 90 next week, any concerns from the coaches?
jim_wexell Weather? They love the heat.
omeany any player strike you as vastly better/worse either physically or mentally/attitude?
jim_wexell OMeanOne, let me think for a second -- Oh, Marvel Smith looks really fit. It's funny, he kind of blamed overconditioning on the pot problem. I don't see the connection, but I look for him to have a good year.
Joe10 What should we expect from Batch if he cant practice ? Martin just gone by default ?
jim_wexell Hines Ward looked good today. Brett Keisel really ran well. He surpised all of us. Simmons of course and Bobby Jones ran well, not that he has a chance in hell of a spot on the dline. He'll have to win the LS job straight up.
Joe10 Jones snap times compare to Schnecks, they just looking for size and a positional player ?
jim_wexell The three RGs really looked good. Keydrick Vincent is fit! But I hear Oliver Ross is a lock. And the way Marvel looked, the right side of that line should improve dramatically this year.
omeany okobi?
omeany nkwenti?
jim_wexell Nkwenti always looks good. Chukky looks bigger, but not nearly as big as he was at minicamp. I'm telling you, the Oline has some depth.
jim_wexell Back to Jones, yes, they could use a bigger man. I guess the blocked FG against NE was part his fault and part Marvel's. But Jones won't be able to help at DL.
Joe10 No UDFA have a chance in heck right ?
jim_wexell Undrafted free agents? Like I said the other day, O'Donnell supposedly has a chance. ""He'll kick somewhere in this league,"" said the guy who told me last year about Tommy Maddox, ""He'll play somewhere in this league.""
omeany wex- excited about ASmith signing? you've been a big backer- any real fallout with others like Porter over numbers?
jim_wexell No. We flat out told Porter what Smith's agent had said and Porter responded: He deserves it. No, this team knows it's too close to something special to start bickering. And, really, Aaron Smith is too humble and likeable to get anyone upset.
Joe10 Kimo always says Smith is this and that... in a good way of course...are they close friends ?
jim_wexell Yes, Kimo and Aaron are friends. Man, if you can't get along with Kimo you've got serious problems. What a nice young man!
jim_wexell Bettis looked really good today too.
gboyd I like how he works with Kearse.
omeany ndo you think Smith can do double digit sacks this year?
omeany still think Flowers will have a big season with Holmes gone? what's the coaching buzz- Farrior or Fiala?
jim_wexell On Bettis, yes, the work with Kersee is evident, but this year they did a lot more ""Gait work"" as Bettis put it, to strengthen the groin. And yes, Schaffer milked the Steelers, but I do believe Aaron Smith deserves what he got. Thing is, that's what the Steelers let be known they'd give him all along. But John Mitchell said he's going to coach as long as Aaron Smith's with the team, then he's going to retire. Tim Lewis also thinks the world of Aaron. Love the 3-4 unheralded nature, but won't pay for lack of production. That philosophy stinks, but Aaron's happy and it's all over. He told me he cried when he left his 3-month old baby at homeh
omeany I love A. Smith!
Joe10 He sounds like he is just a regular guy
omeany what's the next 3 day practice gameplan? how much will you see?
jim_wexell My buddy Prisuta always bums dip off Aaron. We were interviewing Aaron after the signing and a TV camera was lurking over our shoulder. Prisuta asked Aaron, ""So, with all your money are you sticking with Cope[enhagen] or are you going to some new fancy brand?"" Aaron looked at the camera, said ""I better leave that one alone"" and took the can of Cope from Prisuta undetected by the camera. Some of these guys are really fun.
Blitzburgh Wex, what's up in the secondary a) with corner depth and b) with the safeties...any real competition there?
jim_wexell Secondary depth? Looks like Poteat's turn. He'll probably be No. 4 with Glover moving in with a learner's permit. But this is all preliminary stuff. At safety, there's really only four players. I think we all know who they are. Maybe someone else will emerge, but I doubt it.
Blitzburgh I'm thinking more competition for starting spots -- might Logan or Hope push the incumbents?
jim_wexell Timmy Lewis loved what Flowers did against the run last year. They took his pass coverage deficiencies into account when they called coverages. They basically went with an 8-man front and Lee helped Holmes greatly. I know, most of you liked what Holmes did, but Lewis didn't.
omeany I agree wholeheartedly with you on Holmes. Ravens thought so too. He seemed to lose his edge the last few years. and his coverage always was a liability. I'm most excited about watching his replacemet/upgrade.
Blitzburgh Any chance Flowers returns next year? I wouldn't think so, but he is damn good against the run. I just wish Alexander had more range.
jim_wexell Prediction: Farrior will star the third preseason game and never look back. I realize I predicted Fiala would start the opener, but Lewis corrected me. Now I'm correcting myself. BTW, should a reporter stick with his original assessment all the time? Or should he change as he acquires new info? I think we all know the answer to that.
Blitzburgh Seems that would help balance Flowers deficiencies...
omeany Flowers only returns for $1mm per. his value added is minimal.
jim_wexell Yeah, it looks like safety is the team's weakness. They'll need to draft another one high this year. Man, Flowers is a real team leader. He's not just mouth. The other leaders really respect him. He's a warrior. Give him his due in what probably will be his last year with the club.
Blitzburgh So suffice to say, my criticism is unjustified?
Joe10 Is it true that Flowers was the one who said bad things about Kordell ? Or would you rather not answer ?
omeany so its his toughness they respect. I always found it hard to be that an OK player can be an outspoken teamleader. you have to be able to walk the walk.
jim_wexell I wouldn't say that blitzer. We all have opinions and I think most agree with you on Lee. I'm just trying to stick up for him a little bit.
omeany good thing the team has drafted leader types the last few years, since Lee probably wont be here next year. bring on Kendrell and Hampton!
Joe10 Flowers problem is just speed, much like Holmes...so why they keep Flowers ?
gboyd Many teams wish their weakness was a safety like Flowers
jim_wexell No. Flowers was absolutely did not say those things. And really, that report only said Kordell has trouble reading the field. And it's true. we all knew that, so what was the big deal? But it wasn't FLowers. He was adamant about that. In fact, he was pissed. Maddox reads the field. I was told the offense could open up its game plan more with Maddox in there, but they love Stewart's playmaking skills.
jim_wexell Flowers isn't all that slow.
Blitzburgh I think if he could cover worth a lick, I'd stick up for him, too...hahaha.
jim_wexell Good point, Boyd.
Blitzburgh You'd think he'd have better cover skills being an ex-corner
Joe10 Will Stewart finish his carear here ?
jim_wexell Yeah. I don't know what else to say about Lee.
Blitzburgh Here-here, Boyd.
gboyd Is a tink allowed?
omeany 2 years ago we lacked size up front and speed at LB and DB. I like how the FO has gone about upgrading the size (Hampton and moving KIMO) and adding speed- Bell and Farrior over our old friends. Flowers is next, and we wont miss him either. just the quotes.
Blitzburgh Tink!
Blitzburgh Always... :)
jim_wexell Good question, Joe. I don't know the answer. I don't think anyone does. It's wise sometimes to admit you don't know the answer and just say let's wait and see. I think that's what the Steelers are doing. Kind of like with Gandy's contract negotiations.
gboyd with the pen that we have, why sign Gandy?
Joe10 There is no secret Kordell finally feels sort of welcome, he seems the type og guy that money would not be a issue.........Like Jerome
gboyd Enter an agent. hehehehe
jim_wexell You're right, Omeany. There's Hope on the horizon. Now they need another FS. What's a tink?
omeany I mean Kordell has forgiven his WR demotion?
Blitzburgh Tink! There goes the neighborhood.
Joe10 Tink means they are having drink of I.C.
gboyd It's like Limbaugh's ""ditto"", anly with a drink.
omeany when you say that Lewis corrected you about Farrior- what exactly did he say? he's really excited about Farrior?
Joe10 Jim you need to take shades off when you are on TV...I am looking at a clip here... You look like a alien hahaha
gboyd JW the next ET
Joe10 hahaha
jim_wexell They just expect a bang for their buck with Farrior. As for tinks, I'm jealous. I quit drinking almost four years ago. All my boys are out at Sharkey's right now. Alas, I go to bed early and jog with Mitchell and Hoak in the morning. Not with them. I see them.
Joe10 By this camera shot, you should start jogging :)
gboyd LOL
Joe10 LOL
jim_wexell Those are new shades. Bought them for comfort. Plus I got a lousy haircut. Plus I'm getting old and ugly. Plus, plus, plus -- I got a million excuses.
gboyd McDonalds anyone?
omeany I heard Wexell finished at the top of his group at today's run test
jim_wexell What clip am I on Joe?
gboyd His wallpaper
Joe10 Aaron Smith
Joe10 Interview
Blitzburgh You can tink with whatever your drinking, Wex...even a Snapple.
Joe10 You are on one side and Rick Weaver is on the other side
jim_wexell If you look at the front of the Trib sports page today, I'm to the left of Marvel with the visor on. If you only see the top of my head, I'm a pretty handsome dude.
Blitzburgh Don't be jealous, you're better without it, brother...
jim_wexell Dream Weaver?
Joe10 hahaha
gboyd What are you selling Wex?
Joe10 Yes , Dream Weaver
omeany really excited to See Kendrell rush the passer more. short arms- but cant teach speed
jim_wexell Well, fellas. I've got to call my wife and talk to my baby. I havent' called since I've been here because of phone trouble. And I've got a couple more excuses in case I need them. later fellas, it's been great.
Joe10 Jim Wexell Thank You

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