What about Ike?

The countdown ticks down on for the Steelers' front office, too. The team extended the contract of Willie Parker on Wednesday, but as of Thursday had not moved closer to extend Ike Taylor's contract. What about Ike?

PITTSBURGH – Willie Parker's liking it so far. On Wednesday he was given a $3.75 million check to sign a four-year contract extension, and on Thursday he was given the day off.

How does it all feel?

"It feels pretty good," said Parker. "The hard work is paying off. I thank the man up above for giving me the opportunity to be here in Pittsburgh."

Parker was held out of the Pittsburgh Steelers' preseason finale last night, as were all starters but the offensive line. But it's not as if Parker went out and toasted himself.

"I don't have time to reflect. I don't have time for none of that," said the running back. "More fuel for my fire."

Parker also said he didn't have to think too long about signing the contract, even though he may have been able to pursue bigger money in two years as a free agent.

"It wasn't that tough. I know I want to be in Pittsburgh," he said. "I'm surrounded by great people and a great team, so where else you want to be? It wasn't too tough of a call."

Meanwhile, time is running out on Ike Taylor's chances of renegotiating his contract. The Steelers as a rule don't negotiate contracts once the season starts. Does Taylor feel left out after Parker received his deal?

"We're still working on it," Taylor said.

Isn't time running out?

"Hey, it can be down to two hours. It doesn't matter," he said.

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