Q&A: Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger met with the media before practice on Wednesday. He, of course, is an interesting topic as he battles back from an appendectomy. Here's what Roethlisberger had to say about his chances for playing in Monday night's game:


How does your midsection feel?

Any time you push on a wound or someone cutting your body it's going to hurt a little bit, but no for the most part it all feels real good.

How confident are you that you're going to play?

That's up to coach. I don't make decisions whether I'm going to play or not. That's coach's call.

Do you anticipate playing?

I don't know. I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm just going to see how practice feels today and then we'll go from there.

Have you thrown?

I've thrown the last two days; nothing too outrageous but I've done a little bit of throwing with some receivers and it feels pretty good.

Any soreness afterwards?

Just a little bit; not bad.

Is it just up to you now and how you feel?

I think so. You'd have to ask the training staff and coach.

Do you have any doubts you'll play?

I don't know. We're going one day at a time. We don't play till Monday night and today's Wednesday. We've got a few days to try and really heal up.

Is there anything different when you throw now?

No, it feels normal. It feels like nothing's wrong.

How surprised were you when that happened last Sunday?

Real surprised, when you wake up in the morning with a stomach ache and don't know what it is and you come in here. I passed coach along the way and he told me to suck it up. It's just one of those things. You think it's a stomach ache and it turns out to be a lot worse than you think.

Did you think, oh, gosh, not something else?

Yeah, well you know I've got that black cloud over my head but Brett Keisel put a half-drank bottle of water in my locker. He said it's good luck so it's still sitting in there.

Are you on the UPMC discount plan?

I think so. I should at least get a discount card or something.

Did you lose any more weight?

No. I was only in the hospital for one day and I was eating normal foods a day later so no I didn't lose any weight.

Any stitches?

No. No stitches.

Will you wear any specific protection?

I don't know. Obviously the first priority is comfort. I wear rib pads anyway so we'll see how that feels putting those on.

Is there an advantage to keeping Jacksonville guessing?

Shoot I don't know. They're preparing for our offense. I don't think they're preparing for one individual person. They're preparing for this Steeler offense.

What did you think of Charlie Batch's first game?

Oh, he did well. He did better than well. He managed the game; he made a lot of great throws; made a lot of plays. That's Charlie Batch for you. He's steady as a rock and as good as it comes.

Is this just an appendix issue or do you feel like you've been through a lot?

Well, I've been through a little bit in the last couple months, but it's just another thing. Things happen for a reason and I'm taking that approach. That's why I'm going to get back as soon as I can.

How tough is Jacksonville?

It's always a battle. On defense their front seven is unbelievable and they've got some hard-hitters in the secondary that are really smart. It's going to be a challenge for us offensively but I think we'll be as prepared as we can.

Did you hear from Terry Hoeppner?

Yeah actually he sent me a message. We talked yesterday morning. He wanted to inform me of everything that was going on before I heard about it from all you guys. We talked and he's like a father to me. I love him to death. I know he'll be okay because he's a fighter and a competitor. The way he made it out to me, it's not as serious as everyone's making it out to be. He'll be okay. He's a fighter.

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