Q&A: Deshea Townsend

The Steelers gave up 252 passing yards to the Jaguars' Byron Leftwich. His three tall wideouts combined to make 18 catches for 195 yards, much of which gained on and after short passes. Deshea Townsend took the SCI seat of heat to discuss the Steelers' secondary play.

Deshea Townsend, CB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: The tackling by the DBs wasn't a highlight Monday night. Do you agree and if so how does it improve?

A: Just tackle. That's all it is. We're a team that [opponents will try] the Now pass [against]. They've thrown that for years. Once you stop it, teams stop doing it. But if you miss those tackles, the Now pass is no more than a run.

Q: The Now pass?

A: They just step and throw it. That's what they were doing. But if you make that tackle, it should be no more than a two or three-yard gain. And if you're passing the ball for two or three yards, you're doing the wrong thing.

Q: Why did you miss tackles? Did they surprise you with their strength?

A: No. We just missed tackles. We didn't wrap up properly.

Q: Was Bill Cowher going crazy?

A: Oh, yeah, because he's not used to seeing us do that. We've faced that pass every year since I've been here. Once you stop it they stop doing it. It's like teams going no-huddle. Once you stop the no-huddle they get away from it.

Q: What about the big cushions?

A: That's our defense. That's always what we do. If you've been in Pittsburgh watching our defense, the corners always play off most of the time. You can get up there and bump but for the most part we play off.

Q: Don't you do well bumping?

A: We do but a lot of it depends on what the defense is called. We play our defense. We've just got to play it.

Q: What's the theory behind it?

A: You want to be able to see. You want to be able to go, react to everything that's out there, everything that's not a pass and if you're off you're able to see things. Once we start making those tackles, it'll be the same thing you're used to seeing.

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