The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #4

<p> I really like the Packers. Not enough for me to root each week for them, but I respect the franchise and their fans. When I go to Scruffy Duffy's to watch the games up here in NYC on Sundays, the Packer and Steeler fans have a special bond. We root for each other's teams (unless it's head-to-head) and we try to out-chant, out-cheer and out-drink one another. It's a beautiful thing. It's a great thing. Oh, and the team itself…it'll be pretty darn good this year. </p>

The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #4

The Packers, while defeating the division-winning Chicago Bears twice, blew a game at home against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 9, and then lost to Tennessee in Week 13. This gave the Bears the edge they needed to overtake the Pack for the title. The Packers, meanwhile, were then forced to defeat a very strong 49er team in the Wild Card round and then met the St. Louis Rams in St. Louis for a Divisional playoff match-up. It was Warner vs. Favre -- the ultimate match-up. But it never happened. Favre threw 6 interceptions and the Ram defense defeated the Packers single-handedly. It was obviously a lack of weapons on offense that forced Favre to try and over-compensate.

#4 Green Bay Packers (12 - 4) Second in the NFC Central

Terry Glenn comes to Green Bay with a clean slate and apparently he's getting along well with Favre. Favre, one of the bankable stars in the NFL, is coming off a season where he practically single-handedly took this team to the playoffs. It's obvious Favre can't do it all by himself anymore, but with Glenn and the seasoned Ahman Green in the backfield, anything is possible this year.

The Good: Favre is one of my favorite players because he plays the game with love. He does everything in his power to win games and you've got to respect his effort. He also has one of the strongest guns in the NFL. Ahman Green showed signs of being consistent last year and gives Favre a legit receiving threat out of the backfield. Gilbert Brown is still one of the best at plugging holes. Terry Glenn gives Favre his best downfield threat since Robert Brooks. The defense doesn't have many names, but they get the job done. They actually did well against the Rams in the playoffs last season, limiting the Rams to only 292 total yards of offense and 8 first downs. The good news is they signed Joe Johnson away from the Saints…

The Bad: …the bad news was the retirement of LeRoy Butler. He was a fan-favorite and team leader, and his presence will be sorely missed. Green can't disappear at all this season. He seemed to only be really active for about 13 games of the year. Favre needs to stop forcing his throws. He's getting back into that habit and that could spell doom this season for Cheeseheads everywhere. Glenn has to stay healthy all season. Things got off to an ominous start when he twisted his knee in the first week.

The Ugly: Green Bay is a beautiful team because of the working-class fans, Lambeau field, and football in cold weather. I have nothing to say here.

Synopsis: The Pack, while winning the NFC North, could sneak their way into the Super Bowl if Terry Glenn can stay healthy, Favre cuts down on his interceptions, and Ahman Green continues his emergence as a Pro Bowl running back.

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