Wednesday with Ben, Oct. 11

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said Wednesday that he's starting the season over after the team has lost all three of his starts. Great idea, Ben.

Ben Roethlisberger is off to the worst start of his three-year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The quarterback said it's time to start over from scratch after the 1-3 start.

They say wins cure everything, is that all this team needs?

I think it would help. I think that's what we need. We need to come out and get a win and play good football. I think that will help not just us, but the fans, it will help everybody.

What's Ben have to do to help this team, Ben?

I think right now I'm doing OK. I have to continue to work and get better and limit the mistakes.

A lot of guys are talking about the inconsistency. How frustrating has that been?

It's very frustrating. If you watch us in practice, everything looks good and crisp. Unfortunately, that doesn't matter. You have to produce on the football field on Sunday when it matters. Right now we need to transfer that over, that energy we have on the football field, we need to take that over. Once that happens, we can be productive.

Possessing the ball really helps your defense so much better. Now you guys seemed to be on there for such a short time and they're getting beat up, so it's really working against each other right now.

You know it's tough. We want to be an explosive, powerful offense that can score quickly if we have to. That can sometimes hurt you because your defense is out there so long. The defense is doing great. We love to watch them play and we know that they will be just fine.

You've been outscored 26-3 in the fourth quarter. Why the late problems?

I don't know. It's hard to say. Hopefully it doesn't happen again, though.

Are you surprised? Coach (Bill Cowher) pointed that out yesterday.

Yeah, a little bit because this team has always been so good about that. A lot of times, though, it's been because we've had the lead going into that point of the game and we can run the ball out and our defense can just tee off on teams. But as of recently, we've been kind of behind in those situations and we need to improve on that. We need to, as an offense, jump out to an early lead.

Some teams need to learn how to win. You guys don't need to do that, everyone's back from last year. What is it that you have to reinvent or find?

I think what I'm going to do and what some of these guys are going to do is we're going to start the season over right now. We're 0-0 and we're looking for our first win. I think with me in particular, I need to start a new season for me. I'm ready to start over and I think a lot of these guys are feeling the same way. It's going to be good for us because a lot of us are going to get back on the same page again and we're going to start over and we're starting anew.

Looking at your play, what are the areas you need to improve on?

I think turning the ball over. Some situations have presented themselves that haven't been the best. I just need to take care of the ball. But overall, I'm pretty happy with the way that we've been playing as a group. We just need to turn it on a little bit more.

You've only had four plays over 25 yards, what do you need to do to get the big play back in the offense?

We need to do a lot of things on offense, it's more than just the big play. We need to run the ball better, we need to throw the ball better. I think if we take those baby steps, we can make strides.

They talk about rhythm with an offense, how do you establish that and it seems to be eluding you at times?

There have been times when I feel like we've been in a great rhythm. We've put together some good drives at times. Last week in particular we put together some good stuff. But it just seems like there's that one play that stops us. If we can eliminate that one play that ends up killing us and biting us in the butt, put good plays together and not make that critical mistake, then we can continue that drive and put it in the end zone.

How are teams looking to keep you more in the pocket this year?

I don't know. That's the thing people don't think about is that we've played pretty good teams this year so far. They have great defenses, so you have to give them a lot of credit. I think guys are rushing wide to keep me in the pocket to eliminate the big plays. So many times in the first two years that's when so many of our big plays happened, when I got out of the pocket. It's just something that when it comes, you take it. Don't try to force the issue.

What are you doing to help this tennis elbow?

I'm not playing tennis any more. I've cut down on my golf game. It's just one of those things you get from throwing. People make a big deal, but I guarantee that 99 percent of the quarterbacks in this league ice their arms after practice. People don't make a big deal about it. It's just icing an arm or rubbing it down. It's like before the game they made a big deal about my arm with me rubbing it down, but it would be the same as if all you guys holding microphones were rubbing your arms down just to get it ready. It wasn't a big deal, people are making a big deal out of nothing.

How is your health overall?

I feel great. I forget all about the accident and the appendectomy until I talk to you guys every week. You guys are the ones that bring it up. I feel healthy. I feel fine and I think just being out there makes it feel good.

This is the first time you've lost three games in a row. What's it like facing this kind of struggle?

For me it's easy to point the thumb. I'm not going to point the finger at anybody. I'll point the thumb at myself. It's up to me to make the adjustments and the corrections. The rest of our guys are playing good and if our quarterback can pick it up, I think we'll be OK.

Is it OK to throw the ball away sometimes? I know that it goes against a quarterback's nature.

That's a great question. No, as a quarterback it's not against our nature, sometimes that's a good thing to do.

You mentioned the good teams you've played. What about Kansas City? Their defense is playing well.

Absolutely. I doesn't get any easier this week. Kansas City has a very veteran secondary. They have a lot of guys back there who have played the game a long time and are smart. And their front seven show a lot of different blitzes, so it's not going to be any easier this week. We're going to have to go out this week and have a good week of practice and a good week of preparation and like I said, hopefully we can take that preparation onto the game on Sunday.

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