The "Power Core" Pre-Season Rankings #3

Those pesky Eagles. I don't know how they pulled off such a great year last season. I mean, they really don't have top tier receivers and their running game was banged up all year. Sure they played in the NFC LEAST, and sure they had the #2 defense in the league, but the answer lies in Donovan McNabb. Funny thing is that Mr. McNabb and the Eagles are relativily the same bunch that led St. Louis at halftime last year. Is that enough to send them to the San Diego this year? Sure is.

Funny thing is that Mr. McNabb and the Eagles are relativily the same bunch that led St. Louis at halftime last year. Is that enough to send them to the San Diego this year? Sure is. 

The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #3

 For a brief fleeting moment last year, a Turnpike Super Bowl was a real possibility. The Eagles, after so many years of coming close to the big game, looked like they would finally reach their second Super Bowl. That was the plan. They took the Rams to overtime in the opening game of the season and proceeded to play mediocre football for much of the campaign. But, when it counted, Donovan McNabb hoisted the Eagle's onto his back and proved why he's my pre-season choice for the NFL MVP this year. First he dismantled the Tampa Bay defense, and then he disintigrated the Chicago Bear defense. He did all this with receivers that wouldn't have made the Ram roster last season

 #3 Philadelphia Eagles (11 - 5) First in the NFC East

The Eagles selected 6 defensive backs with their first six draft choices. They made no subtle hint on who they think is the team to beat in the NFC. The question right now is still "Can the Eagles beat the Rams?", but by the end of the season, the question may very well be "Can the Rams beat the Eagles?"

The Good: The sky is the limit for the Eagles and they'll once again have McNabb leading the charge. He's done a marvelous job of staying healthy and picking up monster stats while also being the primary scoring threat. The defense should again be one of the top units of the NFL. They should surpass the Steeler defense this year, only because it's tough for one defense to be ranked #1 two years in a row anymore. They only allowed 13 points per game, and will need to come close to that number again this season. David Akers has a big leg and good accuracy. Andy Reid doesn't get out-coached often and is one of the most underrated head coaches in the league. Dorsey Levens was signed to shore up a weak running back corps.

The Bad: The defense lost Jeremiah Trotter and with it, a whole lot of secrets. By going to the Redskins, Trotter has made it that much more difficult for the Eagles to beat the Redskins. They had trouble defeating Washington last year to begin with. This team should run away with the division, but if they get even the least bit complacent, they could make it more trouble than what it's worth. If McNabb goes down, this team could go down right with him. Levon Kirkland was signed in the off-season, but he'll prove too slow for this defense. I didn't especially like the running back situation before Corell Buckhalter was lost for the season and now I really find it less than pleasing. Levens will do okay back their, but he hasn't been the same runner since the 1997 Super Bowl.

The Ugly: Veteran's Field. The Veterans should be ashamed that this is still their field.

Synopsis: I fully expect to see the Eagles in the Super Bowl even without a Super Bowl running back. Sure, I have the Rams ranked ahead of them, but with McNabb, the Eagles should jump the hump this year.

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