Quickie Q&A: Ryan Clark

Steelers free safety Ryan Clark is another New Orleans native who's concerned about his hometown and its rivitalization. Here's what he had to say about the Superdome, the Saints and the city:

Ryan Clark, free safety, Pittsburgh Steelers

Was the money spent on the Superdome a good thing?

I think in a way it was smart. Getting the homes back that everybody loss is not going to be as quick a fix as that was, and I think that's going to generate money for the city. Now, they have to use that money correctly. I think the way it's going, they're going to make New Orleans bigger and better, but I don't think that's going to help the people who lost stuff. It wasn't the rich people, it was the people who were struggling and didn't have the insurance to pay for the things they lost, so hopefully they'll use some of that money to put it back into the community.

So using it on the Superdome was good?

I think so. They're not going to hand out money to people who lost a home to generate money. New Orleans is a tourist city.

Will the poor all be helped?

I don't think so because those aren't the people who get to make those decisions. That's where people who are doing well have to come in and do something.

Don't rich people step in and buy casinos?

That's what's going to happen.

Where do the poor go?

I don't think people really care. I try to give to my church. They provide homes for single-mother families, homes for people who are not getting direct help from the government. People who have the opportunity can give and see where the money is going. The Superdome's back and it's going to help the city of New Orleans, but will it help individual people who really need it? I don't know.

So the Saints are a true feel-good story?

It is.

How close are you to New Orleans?

Very close. Most of my family still lives in Louisiana. Mom and dad are coming up for the game. They're really excited. My wife's whole family is pretty much coming up.

Do you live there in the off-season?

No, we just sold the house because to buy insurance is like $4,000 a year because of what's happened. It's driving the poor out.

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