Wednesday with Ben, Nov. 15

The Steelers' quarterback talks about his game last Sunday against New Orleans and the maturation of running back Willie Parker.

Ben Roethlisberger held his weekly meeting with the press on Wednesday. Coming off the team's 38-31 win against New Orleans, here's what the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers had to say:

Have you had an opportunity to get a gander at these guys yet?

We watched a little bit of film today and I watched a little yesterday. They have a couple of new guys out there on defense this year and they're a 3-4 team, so they're going to throw something at us kind of similar to what we see every day from our own defense.

Did you get a feel for what they did against Michael Vick last week?

Yeah, we watched a lot of that game. That was one of the main ones we watched. They really just kind of contained him. That's something they've done a good job of this year, keeping the quarterback contained and I would expect a lot of the same thing this week.

Their pass numbers on defense are really good. Is that because teams are able to run on them or is it a little of both?

I think it's a little bit of both. We need to come out and establish the line of scrimmage like we do every week up front with our line, tight ends and our fullback. We should be able to get some good running holes for Willie (Parker) and Najeh (Davenport) to run through and hopefully we have a good running day like we did last week.

You guys said you were starting the season over last week, how much does it help to start over with a win?

Actually, we're 0-0. We're starting a new season. We're trying to get our first win this week and a lot of guys kind of have a rejuvenation this week and we need to carry that over. We need to practice well and carry that over to Sunday.

Is that going to be the attitude now, 0-0 each week?

That's my approach. I'm trying to get that first win every week.

Braylon Edwards said they're coming after your asses. What's your reaction to that?

Everybody has a chip on their shoulder. They're talking about last year on Christmas Eve. I'm not living on last year and I'm focusing on this game.

What was it like to finally get through a game without the turnovers?

It was big. It was great not throwing it to the other team. It was great not putting the ball on the ground in all phases of the game, on special teams and on offense. And our defense got us the ball. Turnovers are a big deal and I think we did a good job of not turning the ball over.

You personally, was it having more time or space, the receivers, or did you do something mentally to avoid the turnovers?

No, I'm never going to change who I am. I'm just going to keep playing the style of football that I play. The receivers got open, our line gave me time to throw it and good things happen when that happens.

A couple of times this year when you guys made turnovers, the other team made you pay right away. You did that Sunday. What does that do for the team?

It's a big confidence booster. There are a lot of little things during a game that give you confidence or take it away a little bit. That's a big one. When we scored on that first play, it really means a lot and gets you going. It really turns the tide of the momentum.

Do you know Charlie Frye at all? He said you talked to him a little bit after the game last year.

Yeah I know Charlie. We played against each other in college a bunch and played against each other here. He came, when he was coming out, he came and stayed at my house and went to the game and stuff. He's a good guy. I root for him every week except this week.

Coach said that Willie Parker is catching the ball a lot better now. Are you gaining confidence in him as a check-down receiver? Was there ever a lack of trust?

No there was never a lack of trust. Willie's hands are getting a lot better. A lot of that is us going out before practice and throwing a lot. I make him catch balls all over the place. He's doing a great job of getting to the check-down area. When he gets the ball in his hands, he's doing good. And Najeh is doing a great job of filling in for Verron (Haynes) on third down and giving Willie a break.

Coach said he can get better. Have you noticed him getting better?

I think when you say a guy can get better, people ask how he can get better? Is it gaining more yards, catching more passes? He can get better every week by maturing. We call can. I think every week you see Willie be a little more patient. He's using his speed when he has to. And that's why he's growing into one of the better backs in this league.

Can't using him as a receiver be even a better way to take advantage of his speed?

We've done that and that's why we have been able to use that to our advantage.

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