Polamalu's back

It's Pahl-a-mah-lu. Puh-lahm-a-loo. Do-doo-do-doo. Puh-lahm-a-loo. It's Pahl-a-mah-lu, da-do-doo da-do-doo do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-doo.

Troy Polamalu, SS, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: You looked good practicing. Do you feel good?

A: Yeah, I feel great.

Q: Have they cleared you?

A: Yes, they have.

Q: How does it compare to previous concussions?

A: It was no big deal.

Q: Is it up to you now?

A: Definitely, and I feel good – good enough to go.

Q: Have you done all the tests?

A: Yes.

Q: Was this a full-blown concussion?

A: If I could've thought just a little bit I would've been out there. It was enough for me not to play.

Q: What do you remember after you got hit? Or was it bad enough that you had trouble remembering what was going on?

A: That's what concussions pretty much do.

Q: It was reported that you slipped off the bench. What was that about?

A: I don't know. Somebody was hungry for a story I guess.

Q: Concussions have become a more serious issue the last five years. Do you take them more seriously now than you did in college? Do you worry about your future?

A: Not really. I haven't had that many. There are a lot of players who go through long careers and have more.

Q: It was reported that you had five coming out of college. Do you dispute that?

A: To this point I've had four or five; one in high school, three in college.

Q: You don't think that that's many?

A: Not compared to any other football player for the most part.

Q: How easy is it for you to put it behind you at that position?

A: I don't think it'll be hard at all. You just go out and play football.

Q: Are you optimistic you'll play next week?

A: Yeah. I could play today. The decision's not up to me. I passed all the tests, did everything I could do. I feel as good or better than I did with my three-quarter bye week that I had.

Q: Have you worn the Revolution helmet since you've been here?

A: Yes, I have.

Q: Does that help?

A: Yeah, I guess.

Q: Did you have that when you were at Southern Cal?

A: No, I didn't.

Q: In a 2002 interview, you said when you started wearing your hair outside you didn't have the same kind of cushion. Were you just kidding around?

A: Yeah.

Q: Would that have any effect at all?

A: I'm not sure.

Q: That's one of those stupid-category questions?

A: Yeah.

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