Harrison intimidates

PITTSBURGH – Clint Kriewaldt had a big smile on his face. He'd just passed linebacker James Harrison in the hallway outside the locker room, and Harrison had a big smile on his face, too.

"James just told me he really put it to you reporters," Kriewaldt said. "He loves intimidating you guys."

Oh, he was intimidating alright. James Harrison, who drew national notoriety for slamming a fan to the ground last year in Cleveland, is on the cusp of returning to action after missing the last six games with a high ankle sprain. He's listed as doubtful, but returned to practice on Wednesday. Here's how his session with reporters went:

Q: How are you feeling?

JH: Feelin' alright.

Q: Is Cleveland a good place for you to play?

JH: Any place is a good place for me to play, considering it'd mean I'm playing.

Q: You've had a lot of success in Cleveland. Are you coming back to either police the area or get a few sacks?

JH: I hope it's just all football; no policing.

Q: What is your guess on whether you'll play?

JH: What's doubtful mean?

Q: Twenty five percent.

JH: That's my guess.

Q: Is that an upgrade?


Q: So you're feeling better?

JH: Yeah, otherwise I wouldn't be doubtful, just out.

Q: How frustrating is it for you not being able to play?

JH: If you can't play, you can't play. There's nothing to get frustrated about. I'm tired of y'all asking me questions. Y'all done?"

With a few nods, Harrison left the locker room.

"This week would be a good week for James to come back," said Kriewaldt.

He was talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers' plans for stopping Cleveland kick returning sensations Josh Cribbs and Dennis Northcutt. Of course, it's also important for Harrison to return to police the area.

"Yeah, just in case there's a random fan running across the field," Kriewaldt said. "It seems like going to Cleveland is always something for James."


Along with Troy Polamalu (concussion/questionable), Harrison and Kriewaldt (back/questionable), center Jeff Hartings (knee/questionable) returned to practice, although Coach Bill Cowher hasn't decided whether Hartings will start in place of Chukky Okobi.

"I'm going to do some plays today, some plays tomorrow, and then I've got to know by Friday because the Friday practice is an important practice," Hartings said.

Missing practice were WR Willie Reid (foot/out) and FB Dan Kreider (hip/questionable).

Missing at least a portion of Wednesday's team practice for the Browns were: (all are listed as questionable) CB Leigh Bodden (ankle), RB Reuben Droughns (foot), S Justin Hamilton (back), LB Willie McGinest (ankle), CB Jereme Perry (ankle), LB Leon Williams (ankle) and TE Kellen Winslow (knee).

Also listed as questionable for the Browns are Cribbs (thumb) and QB Charlie Frye (left wrist). Both players practiced.


Steelers running back Willie Parker was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week after rushing for a career-high 213 yards and two touchdowns on 22 carries (9.7) average in the 38-31 win over the New Orleans Saints.

Parker made runs of 72 and 76 yards but couldn't break the team record of 218 rushing yards set by Frenchy Fuqua on Dec. 20, 1970. In that game, Fuqua broke the Steelers' first play of the game 72 yards and later ran 85 yards for a touchdown. Parker's two runs of over 70 yards were the first by any NFL runner since Barry sanders in 1997. Parker had no comment yesterday.


• Hartings on whether the touchdown off the dribbled snap to Deuce McAllister was a trick play: "Trick play? No. That was like he said a prayer real, real quick and it got answered real, real quick. If you ever fumble a snap, that's the way you want to do it. There's no way you could even attempt that. If a coach wanted to get fired, he would try to do that trick play. That's the only way."

Mike Logan on calming down Joey Porter following the flag on Aaron Smith: "Knowing the history of him already being fined $15,000, I was talking to the official before the game – I usually do that – and then seeing him getting charged up, I know that's how it starts. Once he gets going, I don't care who it is they're not going to stop him, and we didn't need that then."

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