The "Power Core" Pre-Season Rankings #1

And so, we've finally arrived at Number 1! No frills -- and its probably a little bit of a generic choice -- but at this point, there is no more complete team than the St. Louis Rams. That doesn't mean I think they will win the Super Bowl, but if they aren't at least in the NFC Championship game, this year will be considered a major disappointment.

The "Power Core" Pre-Season Power Rankings #1

For 18 games last season, St. Louis looked absolutely unbeatable. Sure, they lost grudge matches to New Orleans and Tampa, but who in their right mind actually thought St. Louis would lose to New England? Well, I did, but that's not the point. The point is, for 18 games the only team that could touch the Rams was Pittsburgh and its vaunted defense.

#1 St. Louis Rams (14 - 2) First in the NFC West

The St. Louis Rams are poised once again to make yet another serious run at the Super Bowl. They have all of the pieces in place and the only major loss of the off-season was Az-Zahir Hakim, which won't slow this team down one iota (i.e. Alvin Harper). This article could be longer, but why repeat what we already know?

The Good: Where do I start? Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, Marshall Faulk, Aeneas Williams, Ricky Proehl...these guys are as talented as the cast of "Goodfellas." On turf, they play the game quicker and better than any team not coached by Bill Belichick. They have mental strangleholds over both San Francisco and Philadelphia. Unless Green Bay learns how to play defense, St. Louis won't take a back seat to anyone in the NFC. Chicago doesn't have enough offense, and Tampa...well I'd give Tampa a chance. The defense behind Aeneas Williams made a complete turnaround from the previous season and almost defeated Green Bay in the playoffs single-handedly.

The Bad: Everyone cries over how Cowher was out-coached by Belichick, but lest we forget, Martz was even more out-coached. Somehow, Marshall Faulk was forgotten about in that game. Martz has shown a tendency to sometimes forget that Faulk can take over a game. His egotism will probably cost this team a few games. Turnovers were costly at times last season, as evidenced by losses to Tampa and New Orleans.

The Ugly: I don't know who is more smug, Martz or Brian Billick. Well, at least Billick won a Super Bowl; Martz has yet to reach that level.

Synopsis: If I had to pick a team to win the Super Bowl right now, I'd have to go with the Rams...if I had to pick right now.

Next week I will quickly recap the rankings, give my predictions for the upcoming season and list some games to watch!

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