Bites From the Still Apple

You know, for once the starters have an overall well-executed game in the pre-season, and there is more bitching and complaining than after the loss to the Jets.

I don't know if some of you haven't gotten the hint, but Kordell Stewart is the starting quarterback. Can some of you for once act like fans and support this guy? All those years he could have turned and run, but he's stuck it out.

I knew the minute I saw Kordell go down, the shots would start coming. I said to my Dad, "If Batch scores on this drive, some of those guys will start petitioning for him to start." Sure enough, it's happened.

Clark Haggans sure looked pretty bad last night, especially when he let a sure interception fall out of his hands.

On that same note Jason Gildon was pretty voiceless too. So what? They both suck, right?

Lost in the quagmire of the Stewart-haters is the fact that Plaxico Burress tore Pro Bowl corner Champ Bailey apart. Burress will have a monster year.

Great MMQB article from Peter King at
In it he mentions the fact that the Bus probably gets into the hall, ARE is electric, and Steeler Camp is the best camp in all of football.

Famous Amos again looked slow hitting the hole. Dale, I now believe you were right. He's not going to be effective in a traditional "I" formation situation for a full season. He's much better in misdirection and screens (even if he didn't show it last night).

James Farrior missed another open field tackle by going for the feet. But, he looked better in the pass coverage than Earl Holmes ever did. You give a little; you get a little.

Great downfield blocking on ARE's 32-yard scamper and also on Fu's screen pass. More great blocking on Bettis' 20-yard Boss break…except for Marvel Smith's second holding penalty.

What better way to introduce Kendall Simmons to the NFL than with Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson? Simmons got an education last night and that's probably the best thing that could happen. He's still learning and will continue to get better, but now he and the coaching staff know how far he has to go.

There were a ton of penalties last night due to lining up incorrectly. This will be something to keep an eye on in the next game, mainly because Mularkey's offense is built around unique offensive sets.

Give some props to the Redskins defense in the first quarter. Arrington was all over the field. I predicted this defense would be pretty good this year, and I'm convinced they'll be in the top 10. Also remember Marvin Lewis is their Defensive Coordinator. He's had a little experience with the Steelers, ya think?

Go Steelers!!!!

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