Getting Sirius with Fast Willie

Steelers' running back Willie Parker gouged the Carolina Panthers' defense for 132 rushing yards en route to a 37-3 win Sunday. Afterwards, Fast Willie spoke with Sirius NFL Radio hosts Bryan McGovern and Steve Torre on the Sunday Drive.

Willie Parker, running back, Pittsburgh Steelers courtesy Sirius NFL Radio.

  • On returning to North Carolina and performing as he did:

    "Yeah, it feels pretty good, but I've gotta give thanks to the offensive line ... "

  • On the large number of Steelers fans in the stands:

    "Man, we've got some great fans. They follow us 100% no matter where we at ..."

  • On the Steelers' slim playoffs chances and not giving up:

    "No, we ain't gonna throw in the towel, we're gonna go out and fight ..."

Listen to the interview in its entirety by clicking here:

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