Whisenhunt head coach, but not in Pittsburgh

Just a short time ago, Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt seemed like the most likely candidate to replace Bill Cowher as the team's head coach. Ultimately, it was not in the cards ...

The Arizona Cardinals have their replacement for the fired Denny Green.

FOX NFL SUNDAY and FOXSports.com has learned that the Cardinals have tabbed Ken Wisenhunt as their new head coach. The former Steelers offensive coordinator has spent the last two days trying to nail down a deal and after working all night they finally got a deal done.

Whisenhunt was already on the phone Sunday morning with a handful of assistant coaching options although he's likely to keep much if not all of the Cardinals defensive staff.

Whisenhunt also interviewed for the Dolphins and Steelers openings but it soon became clear that the Steelers were not jumping at a replacement for Bill Cowher.

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