The NFL Season Preview: Part 1

There is more to the NFL than our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, the best football match-ups of the week don't always occur when the Black and Gold take the field. So, Part One of my Pre-Season report will focus on the best bets for great football on "Any Given" Sunday.

If you think you've seen this before, you have. It's a small repeat of a larger article I wrote earlier in the year.

There are a plethora of great matchups that I won't miss unless the Girl Apple has got better reasons. I've typed my own list below as a model to help you generate your own list when negotiating football season with your woman (or man). I've got a few rules.

  1. If Houston, Carolina, Atlanta, or Arizona are playing, immediately disqualify the match.
  2. Playoff rematches should be give serious consideration.
  3. Championship and Super Bowl rematches are automatic.
  4. If a team has purged due to Salary Cap issues, don't bother (i.e. Jacksonville, Baltimore).
  5. Old-Time rivalries are great to watch when given a chance.
  6. Less consideration should always be given to teams coming off disappointing years. (i.e. NY Giants, Tennessee, Minnesota).
  7. Teams with major coaching changes are must-watches (i.e. Oakland, Tampa, Indianapolis).
  8. Never, ever, ever pick a St. Louis game at home when they are playing any non-playoff team from the previous year.
  9. Perennial rematches are usually automatic, but not always automatic.
  10. Don't be afraid of 1:00 games with 3rd-4th team announcers. They can sometimes get a jewel of game by the stupidity of the television networks. (I call this the NY Jets Rule because CBS intended on giving the Jets so much undeserved national exposure).

The List

Week 1: Pittsburgh at New England - AFC Championship Rematch.

Week 2: Oakland at Pittsburgh - Old-time Rivalry between playoff-caliber teams.

Week 3: St. Louis at Tampa Bay - Every year this game is a classic.

Week 4: Tennessee at Oakland - We'll know by now if last year was an aberration for the Titans.

Week 5: Green Bay at Chicago - Another great Old-time Rivalry.

Week 6: Green Bay at New England - Last year, The Pack trounced the previous defending champs. Can they do it again?

Week 7: Tampa Bay at Philadelphia - Playoff rematch.

Week 8: NY Giants at Philadelphia - Played two great games last year.

Week 9: Pittsburgh at Cleveland - Yet another classic rivalry. Should go a long way in determining the AFC North champ.

Week 10: Miami at NY Jets - Will Miami ever beat Gang Green again?

Week 11: Chicago at St. Louis - The playoff game we all thought we'd see.

Week 12: St. Louis at Washington - Spurrier came to the NFL because he watched the Rams with envy.

Week 13: St. Louis at Philadelphia - NFC Championship Rematch.

Week 14: San Francisco at Dallas - Used to be the marquee game of the year and is always fun to watch. Dave Campo's "Boys" have a ton of heart.

Week 15: Oakland at Miami - Should be a game with playoff implications.

Week 16 Denver at Oakland - Al Davis got his revenge last year, will it continue?

Week 17: St. Louis at San Francisco - What a way to end the season on Monday Night.

Making Plans For San Diego

AFC Division Champs

  • North: Pittsburgh
  • South: Miami
  • East: Indianapolis
  • West: Oakland
  • Wildcard Teams: Cleveland, New England

AFC Division Champs

  • North: Green Bay
  • South: Tampa Bay
  • East: Philadelphia
  • West: St. Louis
  • Wildcard Teams: San Francisco, Seattle

AFC Championship: Pittsburgh at Indianapolis

NFC Championship: San Francisco at Philadelphia

Super Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

Champion: Pittsburgh

Other Foolish Predictions

NFL MVP: Donavon McNabb
Offensive Player of the Year: Peyton Manning
Defensive Player of the Year: Lavar Arrington

Inside the Numbers

Average Number of Beers I'll Consume on Any Given Sunday: 6
Average Number of Beers my Roommate Prem will Consume: 10
Average Number of Beers my Roommate Markovich will Consume: 3

Number of "Yoi's" spouted by Myron Cope this year: 345
Number of moronic comments made by Beasely Reese: 280
Number of times Jerome Bettis will be referred to as the "Tubby Tailback" this year (The Still Trap and Mill Rule): 5689
Number of Snaps 30% of Stiller fans wish Tommy Maddox Gets: All of Them
Number of Snaps Tommy Maddox will get: 15
Number of times this year Chad Scott will get beat deep: 3

Number of times Girl Apple will fall asleep by halftime: 16
Number of Saturdays Girl Apple gets pampered: 16

Next Week: Part 2! An in-depth look at Week 1 of the NFL Season!

Go Steelers!!!!

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