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On Wednesday night, the Steelers' faithful peppered Sirius NFL Radio's,'s, and's NFL Expert Adam Caplan with their free agency gottaknows. Here's Adam's answers ...

Adam Caplan Chat, Wednesday, February 28

member comment
blkngldbabe Cool chat room
nathanas85 ok, I'm here, let the fun begin, you can bow now
ChipTheSteelerFan I liked the old chat room fonts better
blkngldbabe Me too, but this has some cool tools
nathanas85 Chip!
blkngldbabe Hey this is for Steelers fans, not Browns
ChipTheSteelerFan Hi Nathan
nathanas85 babe!
BlitzburghD What's up all.
blkngldbabe Nate!
nathanas85 Big D!
blkngldbabe Big Daddy D
nathanas85 babe, make some basic dip lately...........;)
BlitzburghD Ok, story is up.
nathanas85 hey majick
blkngldbabe eh?
ChipTheSteelerFan Which story? The one saying they may give Joey his bonus?
JustStillin Porter gone
blkngldbabe No...
blkngldbabe GTFO
nathanas85 GTFO
nathanas85 what does that mean
BlitzburghD Nope, we didn't run that one, Chipper
blkngldbabe Get the flock out
nathanas85 ahhhhhh
nathanas85 me likey
ChipTheSteelerFan I just read that in the SCI story on Aaron. I see the story you are talking about
blkngldbabe you're just so easy to please
nathanas85 I say we draft Bill Cowher
majick what's up nate
blkngldbabe I hear he can make a mean sideline tackle. Or at least think about it
nathanas85 thanks for those DVD's last year, majick
nathanas85 Cowher can play linebacker
majick I think you've got the wrong guy
blkngldbabe ya, thanks.
JustStillin See ya Joey
nathanas85 I like Joey
blkngldbabe so do I
JustStillin I'm the blind kung fu master
BlitzburghD Oh, yeah ... that was in there, lol
oregonmooch has entered the room
nathanas85 I'll miss him Joey if he gets released
blkngldbabe hey mooch.
adamcaplan has entered the room
nathanas85 Bean!
ChipTheSteelerFan I questioned Wex when he said there was no trouble with Joey.  I didn't understand why he thought that. IIRC, he did not reply
blkngldbabe Good evening Adam
ChipTheSteelerFan Hi Adam
blkngldbabe shhhh guys. Act all adult now and stuff
BlitzburghD Hey Adam
nathanas85 Hi Adam
adamcaplan hi all
oregonmooch hi, Do the Steelers draft a back, or sign one?
adamcaplan should be a quiet free agency for the Steelers
schak62 has entered the room
blkngldbabe Due to cap issues?
adamcaplan I would expect them to re-sign Davenport or look at TJ Duckett or draft a big back
adamcaplan to protect Parker
ChipTheSteelerFan If they release Joey, which we just read is a possibility, they may make a big signing
BlitzburghD Well, there's a chance Porter may be free, Adam
nathanas85 You don't think we'll draft a back, say Tony Hunt?
adamcaplan BLITZ: I'm expecting Porter to be free on Friday
ChipTheSteelerFan That is about a $5 million cap savings
blkngldbabe Really. Gut feeling?
adamcaplan NATE: Not a bad choice, he could go as high as second round
adamcaplan My sense is they haven't gotten much progress with Porter
BlitzburghD That should make the Steelers a FA player, no?
ChipTheSteelerFan I like Leonard better than Hunt
blkngldbabe That's a rather large hole to fill via draft, no?
GroveStud Do you think there would be a big market for Porter or is he overrating his value?
ChipTheSteelerFan The Steelers are not going to the Super Bowl anyway. Let Harrison replace Joey
adamcaplan BLITZ: Some what but historically they don't make a lot of moves
adamcaplan they like building through the draft which is the way you do it
nathanas85 I like Hunt more than Leonard but could live with the BMan.
adamcaplan GROVE: Only 3-4 teams
adamcaplan CLE could look at him
adamcaplan they need a OLB who can rush badly
blkngldbabe I agree, I guess with a new coach, no better time
adamcaplan NAT: Hunt really impressed me at the senior bowl
oregonmooch Adam, where do the Steelers go in round #1?
GroveStud Porter in Cleveland? ugh, I'd hate to hear the trash talking leading up to those games
adamcaplan ORE: Ask me closer to the draft
BlitzburghD Would the pats have interest in Porter? They are a suitor for Thomas, I've read.
blkngldbabe I'd be ill.
adamcaplan we're two months away
ChipTheSteelerFan This year I have no problem having young depth
adamcaplan BLITZ: NE would too
adamcaplan they liked Wimbley last year
adamcaplan coming into the draft
adamcaplan most 3-4 teams would take a look at JP
nathanas85 Adam, what makes Hunt stand out for you?
JustStillin If they cut Porter, the LB is the 1st rounder
adamcaplan NTH: Hard insider runner and runs better than I thought
ChipTheSteelerFan But Hunt is slow flack5150 has entered the room (hostname:
blkngldbabe How's his blocking?
adamcaplan Leonard ran well last week, he lost 15 pounds over the last few months
BlitzburghD Niners, too, I would think. That's a young team.
adamcaplan he's around 225
ChipTheSteelerFan Leonard can do it all
adamcaplan BLITZ: If they get AT, they won't need him
blkngldbabe Jack of all trades... is he master of any of them though
adamcaplan Manny Lawson on the other side
nathanas85 So can Hunt, Chip.
oregonmooch Adam, what are your thoughts on Spencer from Purdue?
ChipTheSteelerFan Hunt won't be able to run outside in the NFL and he doesn't block as well as Leonard
adamcaplan ORE: Good tweener
nathanas85 good question Mooch
GroveStud Do you think the Steelers will end up keeping Max Starks or do you think another team will sign him away?
adamcaplan can play OLB in 3-4
BlitzburghD True. Who will draw the most interest IYO -- Porter or Thomas?
ChipTheSteelerFan Spencer is too stiff to play OLB
ChipTheSteelerFan and he doesn't want to play it
adamcaplan Tully Banta Cain could draw interest from PIT
JustStillin now we're talkin!
adamcaplan CHIP; Couldn't disagree more on Spencer
BlitzburghD Banta Cain hasn't done much.
nathanas85 Wouldn't running the outside be Willie's job? Hunt is a good pass blocker, he wouldn't be asked to play FB.
blkngldbabe Sounds good to me...what kind of costs would he be?
JustStillin gimme Banta Cain over Porter
ChipTheSteelerFan Did you see his interview when he said he wants to play DE then quickly added he will play wherever he is asked?
adamcaplan Banta Cain got more PT last year
JustStillin the "explosive foot" of Banta Cain per Jim Nance
nathanas85 Hunt did run on the outside in the Alamo Bowl too.
blkngldbabe I saw that Nate. He ran up, over and around them
adamcaplan Hunt has better speed than many first thought, he really helped himself during senior bowl week
JustStillin what do ya think about my sleeper pick Michael Coe
flack5150 how did Chris Houston DB Arkansas, and interest by the Steelers?
ChipTheSteelerFan I said Hunt will be too slow to run outside in the NFL
adamcaplan Guys: Lets really look at free agency, we'll do draft stuff next month
nathanas85 If the Steelers draft Hunt why would he need to run to the outside, Chip?
GroveStud do you see any interest in max starks around the league?
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, do you think anyone will be willing to give up a second round pick for Max Starks?
flack5150 what about Chris Brown coming from Tennessee?
adamcaplan I think PIT lets Phillip and Okobi battle for C job
BlitzburghD Ok, Adam. So who are the top FA backs? Who are the sleepers?
JustStillin What kind of money is Banta Cain looking for?
adamcaplan FLA: Bad fit, he's too injury prone
ChipTheSteelerFan What about Kendell Simmons at center?
blkngldbabe we're never huge players in FA...with porter gone Banta Cain and AT are options but AT will be in SanFran.. anyone else besides Arrington possible?
nathanas85 Any change for us to get Adalius Thomas?
adamcaplan Fast but they need a physical back
adamcaplan NT: None, he wants more than they'll be willing to pay
adamcaplan BLITZ: Ahman Green, Michael Turner top two
JustStillin Banta Cain $$$ ???
oregonmooch In Free agency the Steelers gotta let Tomlin make at least 1 big splash!
adamcaplan it will be interesting to see how SD tenders Turner
nathanas85 What FA linebacker would the Steelers be have chance with, if any?
BlitzburghD Is Turner an option in Pitt?
adamcaplan Banta-Cain won't cost much
JustStillin no
adamcaplan BLITZ: not a chance
adamcaplan on turner
blkngldbabe Cato June?
adamcaplan he wants to start
ChipTheSteelerFan They have to tender Turner at least the first round tender
adamcaplan BL: bad scheme fit is June
adamcaplan more of a cover-2, 4-3 scheme
JustStillin whats up with Brian Simmons that Cincy cut? Anything left as a good backup?
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, where is Dre Bly going to land?
adamcaplan CHIP: I wonder if they tag him the first
blkngldbabe Look at our new coach though. He alluded to sticking with the 3-4 but I think he'll play what fits
JustStillin stetson fits
ChipTheSteelerFan I keep hearing they plan to release Bly
oregonmooch If they went after Turner he would come here to start!
blkngldbabe Briggs. Could he transition?
blkngldbabe Turner would rock
JustStillin Briggs franchised
adamcaplan JUST: He's been hurt a lot
adamcaplan but he can play ILB in a 3-4
blkngldbabe Forgot. Thanks Just
nathanas85 We should trade for Bruschi, then all would be just.
ChipTheSteelerFan It is hard to talk Steeler free agency since none of us expected the Steelers to be a player
GroveStud What about Napoleon Harris? Would Tomlin want to bring one of his guys over?
BlitzburghD Ok, TEs. Tuman is expensive and limited. What're the options?
adamcaplan CHIP: 3-4 teams
adamcaplan DEN really wants him
blkngldbabe Graham?
adamcaplan GR: He's played in 3-4, 4-3 so he can do it
ChipTheSteelerFan Thanks oregonmooch Quit (Web Browser left the chat web page)
adamcaplan BLK: I reported last week, NO, MIN, DEN, SEA
adamcaplan for Graham
JustStillin Walter Rasby lmao
adamcaplan PIT needs: Big RB, OLB, C
blkngldbabe thanks
nathanas85 What OLBs are availible?
nathanas85 affordable OLB
JustStillin What if they can snake a Zach Miller in the 2nd
ChipTheSteelerFan But I agree with letting Okobi and Philip and even Simmons battle for the center job
BlitzburghD Who are the next TEs? Arians likes what Indy does running from 4-wide and passing from two-TE sets.
blkngldbabe Rhodes will want too much coin probably, eh?
adamcaplan Banta Cain, Antwan Peek would be a good one
BlitzburghD But the guy has to block.
adamcaplan good sleeper
JustStillin he needs to pay his dui fees
GroveStud You don't see RG as a need?
ChipTheSteelerFan We should have drafted Peek
adamcaplan He can really fit in 3-4
adamcaplan 4-3 was not a good fit
adamcaplan for him
JustStillin Chip we all wanted him
adamcaplan last year
adamcaplan GR: Not really, Simmons is ok but not great
adamcaplan Colon isn't ready yet
adamcaplan he needs one more year
ChipTheSteelerFan Alonzo Jackson or Peek
adamcaplan CHI: Peek
JustStillin I think Colon can be very good
adamcaplan I see him as a major sleeper OLB
adamcaplan JUST: Agreed
blkngldbabe He has that nasty attitude I love
ChipTheSteelerFan I still think Colon should play RG
stlrnews has entered the room
JustStillin babe like it nasty?
ChipTheSteelerFan Hi news
flack5150 Is Polamalu going to get paid this year or next?
blkngldbabe lmao...remember the adult thing.
nathanas85 ronlippock!
JustStillin oops
stlrnews hey everyone
blkngldbabe News!
stlrnews Thanks for the chat Adam
GroveStud So what big deal(s) do you think will happen Friday?
adamcaplan FL: Only problem is those concussions
stlrnews I'm sure I'll repeat some questions others have asked
adamcaplan that's very worrisome to give someone big money
adamcaplan look at Dan Morgan
stlrnews Do you think Pgh goes after Duckett?
ChipTheSteelerFan But last year was Troy's first reported concussion since he was a Steeler
adamcaplan great player but concussion problems
adamcaplan STL: He's on their list
blkngldbabe True, but his capability and talents will get nice coin elsewhere. I'd rather him in blkngld
nathanas85 Isn't Duckett a big soft back , though?
stlrnews and is Spencer worth our pick?
adamcaplan and was last year before he was traded
stlrnews Adam - anyone else on that list?
adamcaplan NAT: Great short-yardage back but that's it
blkngldbabe news..FA
JustStillin does the hiring of Tomlin have the other coaches really guessing on what he'll do and draft?
adamcaplan Davendump, Duckett
BlitzburghD They need more than that, IMO, Adam. They need a second back.
adamcaplan I talked to S. Davis agent, he still wants to play
stlrnews Kyle Brady?
adamcaplan and did well last year
BlitzburghD Not a role player, but a second back.
adamcaplan BLITZ: Duckett can be
bigchuck has entered the room
stlrnews why do you have a banana Blitz??
flack5150 any chance of trading polamalu this year and taking landry (sp?) safety from LSU ......that guy is a monster
BlitzburghD I dunno. I'm not high on him.
JustStillin because he has appeal!
adamcaplan Sammy Morris, Correll Buckhalter other backs to fit
adamcaplan there
stlrnews trading Polo? c'mon
adamcaplan Morris is also a great special teams player
blkngldbabe gong
ChipTheSteelerFan Duckett would be an OK signing. I just did not want to give up a 3rd round pick for him last year (like some people were willing to do)
stlrnews I read Toefield as well
BlitzburghD I like Sammy Morris. Good ST player.
nathanas85 I dunno, Buckhalter has so many damn injuries
ironman63 has entered the room 
adamcaplan CH: What the Redskins did is dumb
stlrnews LabRANDON tOEFIELD.
blkngldbabe My thoughts exactly Nate
adamcaplan NATE: Stayed healthy all 16 games last year
JustStillin Redskins = dumb
stlrnews I also like Dwayne Wright in the 3rdf
adamcaplan STL: He's really Labrandon Slowfield
stlrnews ha - guess so
nathanas85 I'm glad we are on the same page Babe.
JustStillin ouch
adamcaplan looks like he runs in mud
ChipTheSteelerFan What the Redskins do is usually dumb
blkngldbabe nice analogy.
adamcaplan before he blew his knee out at LSU he was pretty good
stlrnews think year for backs
schak62 Verron Haynes stayed healthy the super bowl year - lightning won't strike twice
JustStillin cuckoo
nathanas85 How many years is Buckhalter in the league, Adam?
adamcaplan '01
adamcaplan great guy
adamcaplan and ran well last year
stlrnews What about Dwayne Wright as a DL pick?
adamcaplan looked fast as ever
adamcaplan he turned down an extension
adamcaplan which was dumb
ChipTheSteelerFan I liked Buchalter coming out of Nebraska, but I think he was hurt every year he has been an Eagle
stlrnews DI mean FA from TB - the pass rusher
JustStillin What about Chris Brown?
stlrnews not a fan of Brown - runs too straight up
adamcaplan JUST: Chris Brown is injury prone, up right runner as I wrote today, susceptible to injuries.
JustStillin sure but an option?
adamcaplan STL: Dwayne White is a 4-3 DE
stlrnews I know Pgh likes Wali Rainer - is he healthy?
adamcaplan JUST: Don't see it
adamcaplan STL: Yes
adamcaplan I happened to talk to his agent last week
stlrnews Rainer cold be a viable option
nathanas85 Is there any chance we sign Ty Law , joke
blkngldbabe Turner would want to be the feature back, no?
adamcaplan he can play in 3-4 as ILB
JustStillin someone free Bam Morris from the chaingang
adamcaplan BLK: Yes, he won't come to PIT, no chance
stlrnews Rainer's not young though - who does he replace?
adamcaplan JUST: Bong Morris could be a good fit
stlrnews Rainer, I mean
GroveStud I've read rumors that Julius Jones is on the trade block? any truth? a possibility for the Steelers?
JustStillin lol
blkngldbabe So we're more than likely going to have to satisfy our Back needs in the Draft then
stlrnews As is Thomas Jones
adamcaplan GR: They like two RB system in DAL
adamcaplan Thomas could be dealt
adamcaplan last year of his deal
blkngldbabe Jones seems like a good character guy.
adamcaplan problem is they don't trust Benson much
stlrnews he's no chap thogh
adamcaplan blk, yes
JustStillin I'd prefer Arian Peterson
blkngldbabe Great fit for our program
JustStillin adrian
stlrnews Dwayne Wright from Fresno State in the 3rd rd
ChipTheSteelerFan I like Adrian Peterson the Chicago Bear
blkngldbabe but again, I think he'd want to be feature, not spelling Parker
stlrnews and that tree stump from hawaii
JustStillin yep thats the one Chip
stlrnews forget his name
ChipTheSteelerFan Ilaoa
JustStillin Ilao
stlrnews exactly
adamcaplan I'm interested to see how much 4-3 they play this year
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, is the Browns Andra Davis a FA?
adamcaplan this could be last year for 3-4
JustStillin glad to know you yoshinoya
adamcaplan CHIP: No
BlitzburghD Adam, who are some FA 3-4 ends that can back up the Steelers starting rotation on the cheap?
blkngldbabe I'd like to pull a Patriots (barf I know) and defend what's given. Hybrid the system
adamcaplan Bobby Hamilton who was cut today
stlrnews Ghabija and Kalu could be interesting as 4-3 DE's
adamcaplan Kimo
adamcaplan who will be cut
nathanas85 Adam , what are your thoughts on the play of Aaron Smith?
stlrnews Pgh said it won't bring in Kimo
ChipTheSteelerFan Thanks. I thought the Steelers should have made him an offer when he was a RFA and parted with the late round pick compensation
adamcaplan NAT: Not an all-pro but a solid player
stlrnews its really just thin in FA this year
adamcaplan STL: Very
stlrnews too many teams with too much cap room
adamcaplan yet teams have more cash than ever
GroveStud any chance the Steelers look at a WR in FA or draft?
blkngldbabe lol..not Us
adamcaplan go figure
nathanas85 who will overspend?
stlrnews I see it this way
adamcaplan GRO: They really like Willie Reid so I say no
stlrnews Duckett and Dockery are the only two FA's worth looking at really
GDogg95 has entered the room
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, what about Ashley Lelie? Where will he land? I heard the Steelers were interested in drafting him
adamcaplan no room for another WR
blkngldbabe Can't wit to see what the kid can do. Hope his injury is fully healed up.
stlrnews and Spencer rd 1, Beason or Shaw rd 2
adamcaplan CHIP: MIN
JustStillin Eric Wright cb- UNLV good cb and kick returner
stlrnews Minny will be active in FA
poonugget has entered the room
blkngldbabe Poon!
stlrnews pooooooooo
poonugget Hello
ChipTheSteelerFan Thanks
adamcaplan STL: They want Graham bad
ChipTheSteelerFan Hi Poo
GDogg95 hey people
stlrnews I read the same Adam
BlitzburghD Who are the best Special Teams players available in FA; not return guys, but coverage guys with a real position?
blkngldbabe Dogg
GDogg95 sup babe
rodrixhk2000 has entered the room
ChipTheSteelerFan Sean Morey
blkngldbabe Good question D
stlrnews lol chip
JustStillin Sean Morey is awesome!
blkngldbabe everything Dogg
stlrnews I don't think we should go after a backup in FA
stlrnews we have depth
adamcaplan BLITZ: Depends on position and what you're looking for
GDogg95 adam - thoughts on wynn rb florida?
stlrnews we need a few frontline starters
adamcaplan like gunners
adamcaplan etc
BlitzburghD Say, WR, DB, RB ...
stlrnews we need a RB, DE/OLB and ILB
ChipTheSteelerFan Dogg, Adam wants to limit this chat to free agency
poonugget I am sorry if his has been asked but who do you see as the best pass rusher that will be on the board at 1.15 for the Steelers?
JustStillin if we go 4-3 and are in transition then I see a DT early in the draft
GDogg95 ah
steelmann58 has entered the room
stlrnews we're really just 1-2 players from being serious contenders
blkngldbabe With Tomlin having no issues playing starters on Teams, why would we need it?
adamcaplan Sammy Morris is one of the better backup RBs and special teams coverage players
poonugget oh oops forget my question then
adamcaplan so he would be a good fit for the Steelers
stlrnews poo - I say Spencer - Adam - thoughts?
steelmann58 hello
JustStillin world
BlitzburghD I like Morris. Who else you got for us?
blkngldbabe hello SM58
adamcaplan BITS: Peek would be a good special teamer and OLB to get some PT this season
GDogg95 Steelers freeing up money to go after adalious thomas?
adamcaplan G: No chance
blkngldbabe wishful thinking. Boy can place 4-3 AND 3-4
adamcaplan BLK: AT has played all 11 positions on defense over his career
adamcaplan even covered Chad Johnson for a play
poonugget Is there a FA tight end the Steelers could grab to compete with Tuman?
adamcaplan a few years ago
stlrnews Moulds was also released
ChipTheSteelerFan Adam, is any team interested in LaVar Arrington and if so, why?
blkngldbabe nice.
adamcaplan CHIP : No, he has a torn Achilles
stlrnews I think Wiggins would be a nice FA pickup
adamcaplan guys: That's all the time I have, we'll do this again in a few weeks
ChipTheSteelerFan Thanks
steelmann58 Adam if you have 2 players in fa that might be Steelers who might they be
stlrnews cya Adam
poonugget bye
GDogg95 gracias
JustStillin ty Adam
GroveStud Thanks
ChipTheSteelerFan Thanks Adam, have a good night
blkngldbabe cheers
JustStillin asta luigi
BlitzburghD Thanks, Adam. See you for the draft!
adamcaplan Quit
poonugget do you guys wanna keep this chat going anyway?
blkngldbabe I have to go. The ball and chain is complaining
poonugget c ya
steelmann58 thank you for your info
BlitzburghD So, Chip ... what do you think of Carriker in the first?
end chat
Adam Caplan will return to in a few weeks to host a NFL Draft Chat for our premium subscribers.

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