Here's what the Steelers were saying after their butt kicking Monday night.

"> Here's what the Steelers were saying after their butt kicking Monday night.


Steelers Sound Off On Loss

<p><font size="2" face="Arial" color="#000000">Here's what the Steelers were saying after their butt kicking Monday night. </font></p>

Kordell Stewart

You guys had been pointing to this game since the AFC Championship loss.

"Obviously since that was the last team we played, it seemed that way. Basically we got our butts kicked tonight." 

What is it about their defense that causes you so many problems? 

"They do a lot of different things up front and you have to be able to see everything and try not to make as many mistakes. We just shot ourselves in the foot time after time. "

What happened on the first two interceptions?

"I can't really remember the first one, but the second one was to Hines and the linebacker was getting ready to come from the inside, so I threw it to Hines' outside shoulder. I threw it too wide and Vrabel was sitting right there. It happened. It's not something for me to hold my head down about. When you get out there, you're kind of excited to get some things going and that happens. But we came out of it and it was 7-7. We had opportunities, we just didn't capitalize." 

Did you think you had the touchdown pass to Plax? 

"Yeah. I think they said he stepped out of bounds. That's just the way the day went. You can pick certain things out, but we got our behinds whipped. They won. You can blame the whole offense, defense, special teams, coaches, whatever you want. We just flat out got our behinds whipped. What we're going to do is let this one go by and get ready for next week because we have an opponent coming in who's just as good as the one we just played. To sit here and wallow in self pity is not going to allow us to move on." 

Plaxico Burress

How much does this one hurt?

"If you say this one doesn't hurt you the way they beat us, you don't need to be playing. We all take a lot of pride in what we do. But they just outplayed us tonight."

There are a lot of people here who made a lot out of the fact people were saying the better team didn't win in the AFC Championship Game. Did the better team win tonight?

"No question. They were the better team tonight. Defensively they had a great scheme for us. They were prepared and it showed. We've got to go look at film and see what went wrong. And hopefully we can fix it." 

Did you have to reach back for the pass in the end zone?

"Yeah. I was going to the corner and I thought he was going to lob it out there in front of me. I had to turn around and they said I didn't get both feet in."

Did they scheme a little more for you than they did in the AFC Championship Game?

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure they did. I think there were only a few times in the whole game where I was one-on-one with my guy. They said they weren't going to let me beat them. I'm sure teams are going to do that to me all season long."

Hines Ward


First and goal from the one, you guys should score every time, right?

"Yeah. When you get a pass interference call down to the 1-yard line, you've got to punch that in. We kept shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers and you can't do that against a good team like them. It's a learning thing. We didn't play particularly well, but we have to learn from this. That shows the guys what's ahead of us. We've still got 15 games. Hey, they were in their new stadium. The fans were behind them. It was Monday night. And we can't turn the ball over like we did against them. When you do that, it's going to be a long day. We didn't come out and take care of business like we're supposed to."

They wanted an opportunity to show that last year wasn't a fluke. Did they do it?

"They talked about respect. We respect them. Why shouldn't we respect them? They're the Super Bowl Champions. They went through us, Oakland, and the Rams. Maybe they kept saying that to motivate them. But we respected them."

You guys had played it pretty closely until the third quarter, then you just collapsed.

"Yeah, in the third quarter, we just couldn't get into a rhythm. I mean Jerome fumbles. When's the last time that happened? Jerome never fumbles. That just shows it wasn't our night."

Joey Porter

Were you surprised they didn't try to run the ball? At one point they tried 23 passes in a row.

"It was obvious they didn't feel they could run the ball and they liked some of their matchups in the passing game. They went with some different looks in that spread offense and they stuck with it."

Was this a little embarrassing?

"We wanted to go out there and show that we're a good football team. To go out there and play like we did tonight is frustrating. The only thing we can do now is look at this as one game. WE have to shift our focus to Oakland. We don't want to make any excuses as to why we lost."

Is there a point in a game like this when it gets out of hand that you say to yourself that it's time to move on?

"I never want to give up. We're going out there every time trying to make a play. We're going out there to do what we have to do, no matter what the situation is. You can't control what happens. All you can do is go out there and try to play your best." 

Kendrell Bell

Are you going to be all right for next week?

"We'll have to see. I have to go and see the doctors (Tuesday) and see what they say."

Did you get rolled up on again?

"Yeah. It's frustrating."

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