Nebraska's Moore connects with Steelers

The Steelers' interest in Nebraska's Adam Carriker is well-documented, but Cornhusker linemate Jay Moore has peaked their interest, as well. Read more about this versatile front-seven defender.

Ed Thompson: I know you're a guy who's really tough to run on outside, you've got such great range. How much of that is speed and how much of that is instinct?

Jay Moore: I think it's a mix of both. I'm not necessarily a blazer. I'm a pretty big guy; I weigh in the 275-plus range so I'm not extremely fast. I think just having good speed and taking angles on plays and not trying to chase them from behind. Just taking the right angles and being smart is where everything's going to come into play.

ET: When you talk about taking angles and playing smart out there, you work really hard at that in the film room don't you?

JM: Yes, I try to set a routine throughout the year. I really watched a lot of my film in practice. I always was kind of hard on myself. I kind of grade myself and judge myself on my effort and techniques … just my overall play during practice. But I really spent about two hours a day before practice - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - just really watching game tape of a future opponent and then watching the practice from the day before.

ET: In Nebraska's defense, I know the one you're at on the left side is called the 'open' defensive end. Talk a little bit about the difference between the two defensive end spots in your defense.

JM: The open was more of the weak side end. I was more of the traditional 4-3 angle, I was out wider. I had a little more room to roam. I was a little more free than what Adam played. Adam, who we called the base end, was more like an end in a 3-4 defense where it's really tight. He was more like that defensive tackle position where I was a little wider and able to roam around a little more and get a better edge on the pass rush.

ET: How do you think that's going to translate to the pros for you, because I'm sure some teams have to be thinking about you in terms of a linebacker and others at defensive end...

Jay Moore sacks Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

JM: I think my flexibility and the way I think I play, I think that really helps me out overall--at defensive end or at a 3-4 outside linebacker. Our scheme with the defensive end was a little different. I can compare it to that Senior Bowl when we were in Tampa. We even had more free room to roam, they had us a lot wider and cocked at an angle, really focused on rushing the passer where at Nebraska we read run first and then rushed the passer. But at the Senior Bowl it was definitely more just jump the ball and make plays. I thought the defense at the Senior Bowl helped me play better.

ET: You had to have some great fun out there at the Senior Bowl. You were a real disrupter--three sacks, forced a couple fumbles--you had to feel good after that game…

JM: The game was fun. Just getting out there and have the opportunity to get three sacks, cause some fumbles and just run around. I think I did as well in practice as I did in the game. Overall the week went really well. I was able to showcase what I do best which is just kind of running around out there and using my athletic ability. Overall it was a good experience meeting a bunch of new guys and playing with the guys you hear so much about through the year, and you're always wondering what it would be like to play with those guys and all of a sudden your down there in Mobile and you're practicing with them and having a good time. Obviously, it was a good experience and I think I helped myself out.

ET: In playing with Adam at the opposite end and you two being such a force out there, is it kind of bittersweet that you guys aren't going to have that opportunity again most likely. Were you guys close or just strong teammates?

JM: We were strong teammates. I wouldn't say we were close. We just had a really good football relationship. We didn't hang out with each other off the field, but at practice we'd just talk, analyze things and ask each other questions and things like that. It was just a good football relationship.

ET: How would you say, in terms of personality, what's the biggest difference between you and Adam?

JM: Adam's definitely more of a reserved type of guy. He kind of picks and chooses and is real careful in certain situations. I'd say I'm more laid-back, open and outgoing.

To learn more about Jay Moore, visit his player profile page. And check back Sunday night for the second half of this interview where Jay talks about his first personal workout, his Combine experience, making the transition to the NFL and more!

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