Bites From The Steel Apple

Cleveland, who comes to town next week, are at 1-1. If not for the bonehead play of the year, they'd be sporting a 2-0 record, even with that awful running attack and run defense.

  • Wasn't Earl Holmes supposed to be the missing link in their run defense? Well, it speaks volumes that he has to be considered a bust with the 5.7 yards per carry average they're allowing.
  • It's typical Browns mentality to continue to start William Green when it's obvious he hasn't made the transition to the NFL very smoothly. Jamel White would be much better suited. Green isn't hitting the holes like he did in college.
  • Kelly Holcomb has a 111.0 passer rating. Wait till he meets the Tennessee defense this week.
  • Can you believe that some people think that Kelly Holcomb should be starting over Tim Couch? These are the same folks that probably think Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Drew Bledsoe. Did I just say that? Yes I did.
  • "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons from ESPN's Page 2 has a scathing article based on the Steelers' final-minute touchdown drive in Week1 . I used to have sympathy for all those Boston area fans because of the beating they take from the New York City public, but this article dissolved those feelings. Patriot fans have jumped to number 3 on my most-hated list.
  • The Most-Hated Fan List
    1. Baltimore - How can you root for Art Modell, you hypocrites.
    2. Cleveland - Just above Baboon in the evolutionary tree.
    3. New England - The "No Respect" mantra is now more annoying than the Ravens' Testosterone-laden "Masters of the Universe."
    4. Jacksonville - You don't jump ship when your team starts losing…well you do if you have the beach 20 minutes away.
    5. Dallas - Every fan except my Uncle Bill.
  • I know all those Gildon-haters out there are crying because he has zero sacks and a 20+ million dollar contract. But, what has Aaron Smith done for us lately?
  • Kordell Stewart's passer rating is 68. 5. The 6 AFC players with a worse passer rating?
    1. Neil O'Donnell 60. 4
    2. Chris Redman 57.6
    3. Gus Frerotte 55.3
    4. Chad Pennington 43.3
    5. Priest Holmes 39.6
    6. Terry Kirby 39.6
    7. David Carr 38.6
    This proves, among other things, that Stewart is among the 5 worst quarterbacks in the AFC but is still the second-best quarterback in the AFC North.
  • BTW: Antwaan Randle El's passer rating is 87.5.
  • I'm very happy to see Kendall Simmons finally starting…he will struggle at times this year, but I don't think Oliver Ross would do any better.
  • The Steelers set themselves up for a ton of bashing this year with the most badly timed, ill-phrased quote of the year:

    "We basically went to the Super Bowl last year." - Hines Ward.

    For all of the great things Hines Ward has brought to this team, this may be one of the worst things - a sense of egotism that was not earned by a Super Bowl win. Say what you wanted about the Ravens last year, they had every right to strut like the champions they were. If I were Cowher, I would keep a closer eye on what my players were saying to the home media. I understand that the other teams talk just as much, but the national media is now gunning for any little quote by a Steeler.

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