The Complete Power Core Rankings: Week 4

Not much has changed on the top, but can you guess who made the biggest jump? If you like the Pitt Panthers then you've got a pretty good idea.

  1. New England - Barely survives but remains on top.
  2. Miami - Swatted the Jets away like flies.
  3. New Orleans - They may just be for real.
  4. Oakland - The Old Folks Home still knows how to play.
  5. Philadelphia - 1st Rehearsal break 10 -10, one hour later 44 - 13.
  6. Denver - They're beginning to make me believe.
  7. Tampa Bay - That defense will need to carry this team all season.
  8. Cleveland - A win this week would be huge.
  9. San Diego - Can they beat the Patriots? Maybe, just maybe.
  10. San Francisco - The lack of offense is surprising.
  11. Green Bay - Does this team want to be as good as they could be?
  12. Chicago - The Bears blew it. It had nothing to do with Brian Urlacher.
  13. Atlanta - Pounded Cincinnati and there was noooooo doubt about it.
  14. Pittsburgh - Here's hoping the bye week was as kind as last year.
  15. Indianapolis - Beat up Houston. Not the best gauge to rank from.
  16. Carolina - Okay 3 - 0 gets you out of the bottom half.
  17. NY Giants - UGLY win. But a win is a win is a win…
  18. Buffalo - Drew Bledsoe doesn't equal wins, no matter how well he plays.
  19. Tennessee - Does this team ever get healthy?
  20. St. Louis - Someone give them the Heimlich. Please.
  21. NY Jets - That Miami curse was the only thing these Jets really had left to conquer.
  22. Dallas - Jerry Jones really likes Quincy Carter. Why?
  23. Arizona - Will someone please give Jake Plummer an offense to thrive in?
  24. Kansas City - If only Priest Holmes played defense.
  25. Jacksonville - Bye week moves them neither up nor down.
  26. Washington - You think Steveo wishes he were back with the Gators?
  27. Minnesota - "Hello, may I speak to Randy?" "He's not there?" That's what I thought.
  28. Seattle - Mike Holmgren is gone after the season.
  29. Detroit - Joey Harrington will be a success one day…after he leaves Detroit.
  30. Houston - Please. They beat Dallas for Christ's Sake.
  31. Cincinnati - Hmmm…remember when everyone thought Bruce Coslett was to blame?
  32. Baltimore - Sometimes Elvis never leaves the building.

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