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<b>BILL COWHER</b><br> Let me just say this first of all, I'm in no position right now to make a decision on the starting quarterback. I can tell you right now I'm leaning toward starting the game with Kordell. If we need a lift, I'll bring in Tommy. That's the way I'm leaning. I haven't made any kind of decision in regards to that.

I got lucky. Look at this helmet. The ball mark's still there. (Laughter). Too bad I can't keep that the way it is. They'll wash it off. It was a low kick. The key was Aaron Smith. All day he was lining up in the 'A' gap and coming hard. Hard. That last one, he went hard; the guard slid down; I got good push, put my hands up, and it came right to me.

Yeah it helped. We've spent some time working together on the same unit. As a matter of fact, when I first came here we worked together for a while to get ready for training camp.

Is there a difference in Maddox?
He's matured. You've got to remember he was a 20 year-old kid when he came. He didn't get a chance to mature. One thing I noticed about Tommy when I first came here and he worked me out, he's much stronger. He throws the ball a lot harder than he did when he was younger.

What did he say when he came into the huddle?
He said, "Come on guys. We're going two minutes after this play. Put the ball in the end zone." That's what he said.

Biggest play of the last drive?
The biggest play of that last drive was when they decided to blitz us and he got it to Antwaan on a hot read. I think that was the big play because they hadn't blitzed the whole time and we got 'em. Was it a mistake? I don't know. But it hurt them at the time.

Did it help that they had injured DBs?
It always helps when you have young guys in there. I don't know if it would've helped them if they had the other guys in there or not. The thing is, when you're in a rhythm like that it's hard to stop. And we were in a great rhythm.

The tackle came down on me because I'd been shooting that 'A' gap. He slammed down. Then I heard it hit Kimo in the head. I was on the ground and I looked up and it was blocked. He helped me up and showed me his helmet. I was more than happy to keep on playing.

The right corner of the end zone, I saw it and I thought maybe I'd make some fantastic dive across the goal line and knock the cone down and they'd call it a touchdown. No. When the ball bounced up to me I just said "run". Basically, it's like a predator coming after its prey, and I knew somebody was going to come after me and I was just going to try to score.

The coach asked me if I felt OK. I wasn't hurt or anything. He asked if I wanted them to run a play and I said "No." So he said, "All right, let's get out of here."

I thought it was a good kick. He just got up.

I was a little bit open, but I mean, come on.

At that point in time I didn't think about the fact that if I just fall on the ground, we get to kick again. I don't know if it was competitive nature or what. I got the ball and I saw a little green and I thought "score and we win."

It's huge. We've said all long we were struggling, frustrated, making mistakes at the wrong point in time. It's a division win. When you compound that with the fact that the first couple weeks we didn't play very good football and probably should've played better and been more competitive in those two games, it's a big win.

When Tommy came in, everybody was like "Run as fast as you can and get your head around." If you don't, he'll probably hit you in the head with the football. So we went down the field, like one, two, three.

Oh, it's a horrible sound. No one rushed off my end so I turned around and saw Todd pick the ball up and start running with those big legs. No. But he was running and I saw the ball rolling around, it kind of bounced in my direction and I fell on it.

Did you know you had another shot?
Not right away. We figured it out. You just go for it.

Left wing:
No one rushed off my side and I looked back inside to see if I could help and I heard the sound and saw Todd running with the ball. I was trying to block to see if I could help and I noticed the ball popped out.

They basically brought everybody. I was the hot guy and made the best of it. It reminded me of the play against Detroit. It was the same type route. I should've scored.

On Maddox:
Tommy's a gunslinger. He don't care. Nobody expected him to do anything anyway when he came into the league. He's done nothing but prove everyone wrong. We knew in preseason he was a guy to be reckoned with when he got into the game. He has a good knowledge of our offense and knows where everybody should be. It's good to have a quarterback like that. As far as a quarterback controversy, I'm glad I'm not a head coach because I wouldn't want to have that decision.

Thoughts when they were kicking the FG?
If there were any breaks coming our way, let it be this one. We've been very unfortunate, shooting ourselves in the foot, and that was the case again. God was on our side though.

I've never been a part of a game that ended this way. It wasn't pretty but we'll take it. It's better to be 1-2 than 0-3. Just to get that first one is always good.

It's not the way we wanted to win. We wanted to run the ball. But we fell behind and Tommy came in and did what he did in that two minute drill. I haven't seen that in a while. It was Joe Montana or John Elway, one of those days.

I don't even know what to say. It was a great opportunity for me. You hate that it comes at somebody else's expense. Kordell has done a lot of great things. I've got nothing but respect for him. I know how hard the position is. If the game ended with that interception, I'd be sitting here getting bombarded. It's the nature of the position.

I stepped into a situation where we're running the two-minute offense and you've got four wide receivers I'd put up against any in the league. Throwing the ball around to those guys was a lot of fun.

You know, those guys had been out there battling all day. It was easy for me to come in fresh off the bench. They were tired, had given it everything they had for three and a half quarters, so I just tried to come in, and told them, "let's go down the field, get in the end zone, get this one over with and we can all go home."

Did quarterbacking the scout team help?
To be quite honest, it's kind of an offense I've grown up in. In the XFL we used 4 and 5 wides all the time. Plus, I think they were down to their last cornerback. When we put four wides on the field, it kind of got them out of their element. So, yeah, it helped. It's something we've been working on since camp, and being able to work on it the last two weeks, yeah, it helped a lot.

I have a lot of confidence in myself. The one thing I can do in this life is throw a football.

To be sitting here right now is a great feeling, but it's one game. You keep it in perspective. You enjoy it tonight and then you go to work next week.

On the interception:
I saw him dive for it. I thought at the worst that he might knock it down. He hit it with one hand, it rolled up his arm and he made the catch one-handed. But I really believed the defense would get the job done, and when they did I thought we really had to take advantage of that opportunity that they gave us.

This was a team effort. It's not about one person. It's about the whole team playing well enough to win and getting back on track. That's not my decision. Like I said all along, all through camp, it's something that's out of my control so I'm not going to worry about it.

--Jim Wexell 

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