The Complete Power Core Rankings: Week 5

Parity is alive and well, unless you live in Cincinnati. The Bengals hit rock bottom this week and the St. Louis Rams continue to fall. This week's biggest jump comes from the Priest Holmes-led Kansas City Chiefs.<p>

  1. Oakland - Reports out of Oakland link the city's largest mafia ring with a recent hit on a Viagra plant.
  2. Philadelphia - The class of the NFC…that's not saying much.
  3. San Diego - Only Priest Holmes is running better than LaDainian Tomlinson.
  4. New England - They won't fall far. Oh, Tom Brady's dating Tara Reid…FYI.
  5. Tampa Bay - Made quick work of the Cincinnati kittens.
  6. Miami - Hmm…where was the run defense? Oh yeah, trampled under foot.
  7. Green Bay - Wisconsin is the new hot spot for Hollywood-scripted drama.
  8. New Orleans - Very surprising loss in Detroit. Now they must deal with rejuvenated Pittsburgh.
  9. Kansas City - I believe…the defense is still too awful.
  10. San Francisco - NFL scheduled Bye Week. Terrell Owens complains that he should've been involved in that decision.
  11. Pittsburgh - They move up to the top 12. Now stay there dammit.
  12. Indianapolis - Just another week for Peyton Manning to oil the old arm.
  13. Buffalo - Drew Bledsoe doesn't equal wins, no matter how well he plays.
  14. Chicago - What is happening to this defense? First mental breakdowns and now season-ending injuries.
  15. Denver - You almost made me a believer Brian Griese. And then you tripped over Scruffy.
  16. Atlanta - Paging Mr. Vick. Mercury, the Flash, and Quicksilver are here for your 1 o'clock seminar.
  17. Cleveland - Blew it big time and they know it.
  18. Dallas - Won't be consistent until Quincy Carter starts playing like Kordell Stewart.
  19. Arizona - Will someone please give Jake Plummer an offense to thrive in?
  20. Jacksonville - Stacey Mack torches the Jets. Stacey Mack?
  21. Carolina - Their stay in the top half was brief.
  22. Tennessee - Ouch. And the injuries hurt too.
  23. Seattle - Shaun Alexander busts out finally. We won't see him again for another 3 weeks.
  24. Washington - When they get a real quarterback, watch out!.
  25. NY Giants - I will say it again, Kerry Collins is the most overrated quarterback in the league.
  26. St. Louis - No where to go but down.
  27. Detroit - Big win. Quality win. Four of the most beautiful words Matt Millen has ever heard.
  28. Minnesota - Randy probably wishes he were behind bars because he's playing like it.
  29. Baltimore - Don't get too excited. Denver's been cursed by the Ravens for the past 3 years.
  30. NY Jets - They're finally benching Vinny, but it may be too late.
  31. Houston - I would put them higher, but I'm not psychotic.
  32. Cincinnati - Could there be a more pathetic franchise in all of sports?

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