The Complete Power Core Rankings: Week 6

Oakland remains on top as the last undefeated team. And who would have thought that the AFC West would be so powerful? The best team in the NFC is in a "Bay" and the usual suspects align the bottom. So what's new and exciting? Check out the team of "destiny."

  1. Oakland - Outlasted the Bills at the end. And who said older men can't keep it up for long periods of time?
  2. Miami - A close second, but until Oakland loses they'll have to be content at No. 2.
  3. Tampa Bay - The best in the NFC. That offense worries me though. It's still not good.
  4. Green Bay - Impressive win in Chicago over a fading Bears team.
  5. New Orleans - Held off the Steelers with big plays.
  6. Kansas City - Team of destiny? I would bet so. They aren't going away.
  7. Denver - Recovers from embarrassment in Baltimore with a thrashing of San Diego.
  8. San Francisco - Sure the Rams are a shadow of their former selves, but it sure felt good.
  9. Philadelphia - What happened? How does this team lose to Jacksonville?
  10. New England - You just knew someone would finally figure this team out.
  11. Indianapolis - Let Cincinnati come too close. The defense needs an overhaul.
  12. San Diego - Yes, the AFC West all make the top 12. Memo to Head Coaches everywhere: You stop the Bolts by stopping Tomlinson.
  13. Jacksonville - This team continues to play well. I wonder if the fans are paying any attention?
  14. Buffalo - Once the defense learns to play well, this team could be a monster.
  15. Pittsburgh - I'm giving them a last chance at redemption, starting this weekend in Cincy.
  16. Washington - Patrick Ramsey will surprise no one by being better than Danny Wuerffel.
  17. Chicago - That Home commute to Champaign is a bitch.
  18. Atlanta - You just knew Michael Vick would get hurt. All Falcon quarterbacks get hurt.
  19. Cleveland - Blew it big time AGAIN.
  20. NY Giants - Beating Dallas and Arizona are not like beating Philadelphia.
  21. Arizona - Barely beat Carolina. (Yawn)
  22. Carolina - A couple of breaks and this team is 5 - 0. Parity is a very scary thing.
  23. Baltimore - If only Ray Lewis could play offense.
  24. Dallas - The Cowboys seem to make just enough mistakes to lose.
  25. Tennessee - Boff! Slam! Smack! The Titans are like every villain in the original Batman Series. This past week's caped crusader was the Redskins.
  26. Seattle - Shaun Alexander busts out finally. We won't see him again for another 3 weeks.
  27. St. Louis - Goodnight Gracie.
  28. Detroit - I wonder if Matt Millen ever considered a stress-free profession like...Window Washing.
  29. Minnesota - Red McCombs looks like he's going to sell the team, half of which is invested in Randy Moss.
  30. NY Jets - Gutsy game by Chad Pennington, but the defense couldn't hold on.
  31. Houston - In a few years, David Carr is going to be one hell of a quarterback.
  32. Cincinnati - Best chance at a win is always against Pittsburgh.

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