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Kendrell Bell practiced on a limited basis Thursday and remains questionable for Sunday's game in Cincinnati. Steelers Coach Bill Cowher didn't need to tell reporters that after his scolding yesterday. It's very possible, however, that Bell will miss his fourth consecutive game, which brought up several questions about the Steelers defense for our Answer Man ...

Reporter: Why not use John Fiala instead of rookie Larry Foote as Bell's replacement?

  • Answer Man: Because Foote is more athletic than Fiala. The mack position requires a better athlete than the buck, which is more of a plugger position.


Reporter: OK, so what about the other poor tackler on that Deuce McAllister run? Why not use Mike Logan at strong safety instead of Lee Flowers?

  • Answer Man: First of all, Logan's injured. Secondly, Logan plays free safety not strong safety. He would have to learn so much. They would've had to put him there at the beginning of camp.


Reporter: What was the other big defensive problem against the Saints?

  • Answer Man: Well, Chad Scott came down with a case of interception-itis. Sometimes he gets a little selfish. He wants to play bump all the time; but then, boom, the guy's gone. Remember the Tennessee game last year? Remember Randy Moss?


Reporter: I'll ask the questions here. Now, Chatty Chad doesn't seem to have prolonged stretches of bad play, does he?

  • Answer Man: No. He's basically a good kid. He just tends to get a little selfish at times. He was talked to this week. He'll be fine.


Reporter: How's the defensive line doing?

  • Answer Man: Great. The Steelers couldn't ask for anything more from them. They are solid.


Reporter: So what's the solution to the spread offenses?

  • Answer Man: The defensive coordinator wants to blitz more. The head coach wants to be more cautious. He doesn't think teams can execute all the way down the field without making a mistake.


Reporter: He's becoming a bend-but-don't-break guy?

  • Answer Man: No. I think he just gets nervous with so much man-to-man coverage that the spread forces teams to use.


Reporter: Can the Bengals beat the Steelers?

  • Answer Man: No.


Reporter: But they played so well in the spread last year, didn't they?

  • Answer Man: Yes, but they're a tailback team. They simplified things last week for 28 and had a lot of success. But if they line up like that against the Steelers, they'll lose.


Reporter: So they have a better chance of beating the Steelers with the spread?

  • Answer Man: Oh my, yes.


Reporter: And so they'll line up in the spread this week, right?

  • Answer Man: Maybe. They should, but don't give them any ideas.


Reporter: Too late.

  • Answer Man: Hey, I'll be the smart ass around here.


Reporter: What's the solution to beating the spread?

  • Answer Man: I already told you; blitz more, especially the quarterbacks not named Gannon and Brady.


Reporter: Who are the Bengals' threats?

  • Answer Man: 28, 85, and 80.


Reporter: Peter Warrick? He stinks, doesn't he?

  • Answer Man: Kind of. I mean, he's not as good as he thinks he is.


Reporter: I got no more game. Thanks.

  • Answer Man: Don't be such a jerk next time.


---Jim Wexell









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