Complete Power Core Rankings: Week 7

<b>The Complete Power Core Rankings: Week 7&nbsp;</b> <p> There's a new No. 1 this week and the NFC, for the first time all year, owns 6 of the top 10. The quality is still in the AFC, but most of it is in the AFC West.&nbsp;</p> <p><b> 1. Miami -</b> Outplayed overall by Denver, but a win gives them the top spot...for now.</p>

2. Tampa Bay - This is not the same team that lost game 1 of the season in overtime.

3. Green Bay - The next team to run all over the Patriots.

4. New Orleans - Michael Lewis is the first player since 1977 to return a punt and kickoff for a TD.

5. Oakland - The 1972 Dolphins record survives another year. Gift cards can be sent c/o Marc Bulger.

6. San Francisco - Should run away with the NFC West.

7. Philadelphia - McNabb's back must be hurting him from the 1-million-plus pound weight he's carrying on his shoulders.

8. Indianapolis - Last week it was Baltimore that they let come way too close. Still, 4-1 is 4-1.

9. Denver - Doesn't fall far because of the way they played. Too bad Brian Griese had too many Kordell moments.

10. San Diego - Brees took a big step forward for himself and the Bolts.

11. New England - You can just hear Micky yelling, "Get up Rock! Get up you Bum!"

12. Kansas City - If that defense could just stop someone..

13. Pittsburgh - A win against Cincy doesn't let this team off the hook.

14. Chicago - The bye will heal some broken egos in Chicago, but it won't do much for the injuries.

15. Atlanta  - No Michael Vick? No problem.

16. Jacksonville - With Brunell out this team will limp.

17. Buffalo - Drew never played this well for the Pats.

18. Dallas - Managed to scrape past the Panthers.

19. Tennessee - Still able to jinx the Jaguars even during the down years.

20. Washington - The most exciting news is the search for the sniper.

21. Cleveland - The window of opportunity is now shut. It could lock in the next few weeks.

22. NY Giants - Did you see Jason Sehorn bite on Doug Johnson's ball fake? Now say it with me: OVERRATED.

23. Arizona  -  No I won't give this team props. Until they beat a quality opponent they stay here.  It's where they will inevitably end up.

24. Carolina - Close but no cigar, again. Falling back down to earth quickly.

25. Baltimore - Won't be a pushover now that Jamal Lewis is running well again.

26. Seattle  - Tough loss for Trent Dilfer.

27. St. Louis - Oakland win was all about respect, but it's too late to catch San Francisco.

28. Detroit - I wonder if Matt Millen ever considered a stress-free profession like...Window Washing.

29. Minnesota - Come from behind victory and Randy Moss doesn't score a touchdown. What's wrong with this picture?

30. NY Jets - Bye week blues. J-E-T-S are still in L-A-S-T place.

31. Houston - David Carr is a winner. The rest of the team is another story.

32. Cincinnati - Bengals lose best chance at winning a game this season.


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