Post-Game Quotes Part II

<b><a href=>BRENT ALEXANDER</a></b><p> We had a lot of alerts going into the game. The coaches really broke it down, as far as the routes to recognize. As we got into the flow of the game, we started picking up on a few things like snap counts and things like that, and we were able to time up the disguising of our coverages and everything. They got us a couple times, but other times we very disruptive.

The biggest thing tonight was our pass rush up front. Whether we blitzed, sent four guys or sent three guys, those guys put a lot of pressure on him, made him throw off the back foot, gave us a chance to make some plays.

Were you blitzing more than usual?

I got two in and I was able to fall into one of them.

Is your option game rusty?

See, I'm used to my running backs, when I'm pitching to them, to expect the ball. I mean, he was calling for it but he really didn't want it. I should've faked the pitch and kept running because the guy didn't want it.


How would you assess your game?

It was totally different from practice. I just wanted to go out there and stay within the defense. I didn't want to get all rowdy and feel like I had to make plays.

Were you rusty?

Yeah, I was. I was kind of on my heels because I studied all week and I was worrying about the seam route and sticking with the guy. It's kind of why I was slow in the beginning and wasn't playing the run. It just wasn't there until I said, "Forget about it. Forget about the mistakes I made and just play ball."

Were you a target in their passing game?

Yeah, I felt they were picking on me with the back. All I had to do was talk to Dewayne (Washington), ask him where he was lined up, and just play inside. You get tunnel vision when you get out there like you haven't played a minute. I was very anxious, taking off on plays early and things like that, but after I told myself to calm down and just play ball.

Were you encouraged by how you finished?

Yes. I started feeling good and it felt like it was time to make plays. I feel real good. I feel my legs are up under me now.

Any pain at all?

I tweaked it out there. It went away. I knew it was going to go away. I felt good and they sent me back.


Tommy's just making it easy for me. I'm trying to get open and I know Tommy's going to put the ball where it's easy to catch. That's all it is. The coach is making great calls, the offensive line's playing great, and Tommy's going to play great. He's one of those quarterbacks who's going to know all the reads, pick up all the blitzes, and he's going to make all the right throws. The offense is playing well. The team's going to do nothing but get better.

How has Maddox grown the last few weeks?

Really, he's been playing pretty steady. If Tommy sees something, he comes to the sideline and makes adjustments with you and tells you why he didn't come to you. That's one of the things I notice about him. If he thought you were open, he'll come to the sideline and tell you what he saw and why he didn't throw you the football. Nine times out of 10, it's usually the same thing you saw. It's nice to know we're all on the same page.

Weren't the Colts supposed to be a Cover 2 team?

They shocked us. That kind of shocked us a little bit that they didn't come out and play a lot of cover two. I was very surprised at the coverages they were running. I had a big smile under my big yellow mouthpiece. I was afraid it would be a lot of cover two and they just came out and played a lot of man and a lot of cover three today. It kind of surprised everybody on the offensive side.

When they did go to cover two, Bettis gashed them. How easy was it?

Yeah, Charlie (Batch) came to me and said, "They gotta do something. They can't play the pass and they can't play the run." It just seemed like every call we made was the right call. It was unbelievable. The offensive line was just dominating the defensive line and it seemed like every call we made, they were in the right defense for that play. It was like, "Wow." I think that's the reason the offense was running so fluid. We were just running the football, throwing the football, having fun out there.

Wasn't Maddox calling audibles?

I know they made one audible and that was a run. But as far as the passing game, they were in defenses we thought they wouldn't be in. They came out in a lot of single-high safeties, which shocked us. It shocked me and Tommy and he was like, "If they're going to keep playing that, we'll keep coming to you."


What happened on that play?

Somebody rolled over on me, on that leg. It brushed over the top. It was enough to tweak the leg a little bit. It was scary. I hurt a little bit inside there.


How did you guys give Manning those happy feet?

When you apply pressure on him and do some of the things you do, you might get that. I think we were successful in our game today.

How many times did you check after they checked?

If you watch film on their offense, he seems to check on every play. He's so smart he knows what everybody does and he adjusts to it. We kind of countered that with our own little game plan.

Was he looking for Kendrell early on?

When that guy's on the field, he has to be blocked or you'll get your bell rung. I don't know if that was the case, but we'd like to stick to it.

Why didn't they quick snap?

They did a little of it. I don't know why they didn't do more. It may have been because of Kendrell. I don't know.

--Jim Wexell

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