The Answer Man

<p><b>Answer Man! Answer Man!</b> Wait up. I know you guys are winning again but that doesn't mean you can run from me, man. Remember, I was there when very few weren't …<br> <br> <b>Answer Man:</b> And so you were. OK. You have five minutes.<br> <br> <b>Me: </b> Can Chukky Okobi do the job at center?<br> <br> <b>Answer Man:</b> The coach thinks so. Word is he's almost as good as (Jeff) Hartings right now.<br> <br>

Me: Well, that remains to be seen. He looked average at best playing guard during camp. I watched him pretty closely when Kendall Simmons was hurt. I wrote Okobi out of the competition. Answer Man: You should have. He's not a guard. He's a center. He's a much better center. But he has to learn guard because he'll always be active as the back-up center. People like Keydrick (Vincent) aren't...

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