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<b>COWHER</b><p> <b><i>How's Chukky?</i></b><p> <li>He's alright. He's got a hip pointer.</li><p> <b><i>Nothing serious then?</i></b><p> <li>Probable.</li><p>

Who's your backup center?

  • Right now, nobody I guess. If we had to play today, we'd have one..
  • Are you going to sign one before the game?

  • No, we're fine..
  • Is Jeff going to give Kendall a crash course about moving from guard to center?

  • Kendell's fine. He's been getting some work there since training camp..
  • Is it pretty much just the raw mechanics of snapping?

  • Yeah. Understand now, Chukky is probable. OK?.
  • That means he'll probably play?

  • There's a chance..
  • Coach, Jerome said today he's doubtful to play, that means he's doubtful?

  • That's probably why those words have been attached to those percentages. Doubtful, questionable, probable..
  • Has James Farrior played well enough at inside linebacker to make you not miss Earl Holmes?

  • James Farrior has played very well. He has come in; I think those first couple of weeks when teams were spreading us out all over the place, that was the toughest thing he had to do. But he has fit into that role that we asked him to come into. And not even that role, but he's helped us in the kicking game. He's a guy with a lot of speed from sideline to sideline. Earl is a good football player and did a great job when he was here, but James Farrior has played very solid football for us..
  • Coach, we asked you in training camp about your four tight ends battling for spots, now you have five. That's the way it works out, huh?

  • We may have to change our meeting rooms between the tight ends and the offensive lines. It's the way it is. Matt Cushing gives you that flexibility because he's actually a fullback this week. Dan O'Leary basically came in because of the long-snapper situation. It's almost kind of happenstance how that transpired. That's where we are. We've got five of them on our roster..
  • Annoying PR guy: Any more questions?

    How's Jeff progressing?

  • Jeff's doing fine and he'll do some stuff tomorrow. He's questionable, so that means he's got a 50-50 chance of playing. That's how that works..

    Did you script plays with Dan Reeves?

  • Yeah, we always scripted our first 10 plays..
  • It's only like two here though?

  • No, it's a little more than that..
  • Hines said two, is he just imagining that?

  • No, a lot of different situations are scripted as well. Last week we actually changed it. You script them and it all sounds good, but you have to be willing and able if something happens, you've got to be able to respond to that as well..
  • Do you get a lot of input into that? Do you tell Mike, "I like to run this play in this situation."?

  • Every Friday, I write down my favorite plays. I don't know how much he looks at it. Mike is a great coordinator to play for. He calls an unbelievable game and he does such a good job of keeping defenses guessing that it makes it easy for me. I tell him all the time, you call them and I'll chunk them..
  • How's the script go? What do you do? Is it a specific play that you call?

  • I think when teams script plays, they maybe try to use a couple of different formations to see how defenses are going to react to those formations. I think every coach has a different method for scripting plays. When I was in the XFL, we scripted the first 10 and all 10 of them were different formations to see how the defense would react to them. We wanted to see what their check was to different motion, different formations. I think Mike uses them as an option to kind of get into the flow of the game. We see a lot of things on film during the week, but we also know that there's a good chance with our offense that we're going to see things a little different. With our running game and our offensive line, they're probably going to do some things that we haven't seen on film. That gives us an opportunity to give us a feel for what they're going to do..
  • Do you deviate much from the script?

  • Not really, but like I said, it's not really a whole quarter's worth of plays. We get off the script pretty quick..
  • Do you see the whole script?

  • Yeah. Usually the night before, Mike will give us one or two of them and then he's got his top 10 or 15 plays that he's thinking about. I've usually got a good handle on what those will be..
  • --Dale Lolley

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