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Place-kickers in the AFC were making 72 percent of their kicks this season (152-of-212). The Steelers' Todd Peterson is making 67 percent of his (10-of-15), including a 3-for-4 day in Sunday's 23-20 win over Cleveland.<p> Peterson's percentage has him tied with Oakland's Sebastian Janikowski, who is also 10-for-15 this season, and is better than Kris Brown's, who is 9-for-14 this season.<p> Just thought I'd mention it.<p>

Now, here are the thoughts of a writer who would rather see trick plays than have to treat for dinner.

  • 5-3 is a good record in the NFL at this point, but the most important record for the Steelers right now is 4-0, as in their record in the AFC North.

    And considering the Steelers have two division games remaining and they will both be played at Heinz Field, 6-0 is definitely within reach.

  • Tommy Maddox has been a nice spark this season, but couldn't you do without the interception at the end of the first half in seemingly every game?

  • Amos Zereoue played well against the Browns, but does he always have to look to bust open every play? There were times Sunday that he could have had a three or four-yard gain, but instead tried to bust it outside for a bigger gain.

    Zereoue should realize he's not Barry Sanders. Take the four yards the defense is giving you, get up and get four more. It's a simple game.

  • The idiots on Cleveland sports talk radio were saying the Steelers were not a good team because they had to use trick plays to beat the Browns.


    Football is all about trickery. You line up and make the defense think you're going to do one thing when you're actually doing another. Very few and far between are the teams who can line up and do exactly what you think they're going to do and you can't stop it.

  • Cleveland talk radio sucks. Pittsburgh talk radio isn't much better.

    Why do I listen to it anyway? Sometimes I just like to feel smart.

  • There's a difference between feeling smart and being smart. Mike Mularkey and Tim Lewis were very smart against the Browns. It was a joy to watch that kind of play calling.
  • Hines Ward was asked after the game to rank the passers on the team. He rated Maddox first and Stewart second. Then came himself, Antwaan Randle El, and Bettis.

    His proof: Ward said he beat ARE in a passing contest during the week. My question is where does Charlie Batch figure into that equation?

  • Am I the only one who kept waiting for the earth-shattering kaboom when Maddox was scrambling with the ball?
  • If Courtney Brown played against the Steelers all the time, he'd be an All-Pro. Brown has six of his 11 career sacks in five games against the Steelers.

    Given past history, that means when Brown becomes a free agent, Bill Cowher will try to sign him.

  • The only thing that sucks worse than Cleveland sports talk is driving to Cleveland listening to Cleveland sports talk.
  • --Dale Lolley

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