The Complete Power Rankings Week 10

Don't look now, but the Rams are getting close to the Top-12. A win this week against San Diego and a little help may bolt them back into the race.&nbsp; <blockquote> <p><b> 1. Denver - </b> Can end Oakland's season on Monday night.&nbsp;</p> <p><b> 2.&nbsp;Green Bay - </b> Favre injured? Just give it to Batman.</p> <p><b>3.&nbsp;Philadelphia - </b>Even when McNabb's rusty, that defense can carry the team.</p> </blockquote>

4.   Tampa Bay - Looks like the proverbial light bulb went on for Brad Johnson.

5.   New Orleans - I'm not sold on this team just yet. They must beat Tampa again.

6.   Pittsburgh - Yes, Tommy Maddox can lead a team back from an early deficit.

7.   San Francisco - Swatted away pesky Cardinals. Now can sit back and wait for playoffs.

8.   Atlanta - Big match this week against the Steelers to keep pace in the NFC South. 

9.   Miami - If they continue to play this bad WITH Fiedler, then I'll lose faith. 

10.  San Diego - Big-Time loss. Super Bowl teams don't lose to the Jets.  

11.  Tennessee - Big jump for the Titans. They may win the AFC South by default.

12.  Kansas City - Why so high? Well, just a hunch, but they may get the last wild-card spot.

13.  New England - The Champs aren't down for the count yet.

14.  NY Giants - Finally using Tiki Barber the right way.

15.  Buffalo - Kicking themselves over the pathetic display on Sunday.

16.  Oakland - That locker room has got to be the most unpleasant place in the NFL right now.

17.  St - Mike finally figured out how to win: Run Marshall Faulk.

18.  Washington - Do you think Steve Spurrier will look at Marc Bulger in the off-season?

19.  Baltimore - Give the NFL the blueprint on stopping Michael Vick.

20.  Indianapolis - 3 straight losses and no one blames Peyton Manning?

21.  Arizona - Jake Plummer threw his first touchdown pass in a month this past week.

22.  Jacksonville - Amazingly still in the AFC South race and will be for a while.

23.  Cleveland - Big showdown called "Last Chance at the Lake."

24.  NY. Jets - And why didn't Chad Pennington start in Week 1?

25.  Carolina - Can anyone ever get excited about the Panthers?

26.  Seattle - The win, they lose, they win, they lose. But, losing Chad Brown for the season kills.

27.  Detroit - The second-best team in the NFC North and they won't even get to .500.

28.  Dallas - Dallas loses. Does anyone really give a rat's behind?

29.  Minnesota - Cut Randy Moss. They're losing with him, the can lose without him.

30.  Chicago - Gutsy game, but in the end the lack of offense continues to kill this team.

31.  Houston - Lost to Cincinnati. Oh the shame.

32.  Cincinnati - One win against Houston doesn't get them out of the bottom spot.


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