Snapshot: Jordan Reffett

As we do every year at this time, presents its Snapshot series of features on the Steelers' rookies. Today: Jordan Reffett.

Jordan Reffett majored in political science at the University of Washington.

It's a good thing too, because Reffett must have learned a little something about politics in those classes.

You see, the Moses Lake, Washington, native has a secret that he's kept from his new teammates with the Pittsburgh Steelers, one that could cause him countless headaches – something a rookie trying to make the team as an undrafted player doesn't need.

As is the case with most people from state of Washington, Reffett grew up a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. And well, we all remember the team the Steelers defeated in Super Bowl XL at the end of the 2005 season and the griping and grousing that went on afterward about the officiating in that game.

"I was a Seahawks fan growing up," said Reffett. "I'm from Washington and I went to school in Seattle and there's still a lot of bad blood. But I'm happy to be here."

Has Reffett raised any questions about the calls in that game and how his new teammates viewed them?

"No, not yet. I've got to raise my status quite a bit before I do anything like that," he said. "I'm keeping my mouth shut until maybe a little bit later on."

Spoken like a true politician.

Of course Reffett wasn't always such a politician. In fact, he comes from quite humble beginnings.

The two-year starter at Washington grew up on his family's farm in Moses Lake, a town of 14,000.

"It's a pretty rural area," said Reffett, a country-strong 6-4, 292-pounder. "My family has been farming there for about 50 years. … That's what we do, we're farmers, a lot of hay, wheat and corn. We've got some cows out there. That's how we make a living."

That's something he'd like to change with the Steelers, who are looking for some good young defensive linemen to groom behind their talented but aging starting unit.

"I didn't know if I was going to play nose or end here. I can play them both," Reffett said. "Coach Mitch (defensive line/assistant head coach John Mitchell) thought it would be best to start out at end and I'm liking it. I like learning the technique and learning from the older guys."

And he spent his first couple of months on the Steelers' roster soaking in as much information as he's been able to absorb.

"You're trying to get a job out here and they're throwing everything at you," Reffett said. "The biggest thing is that you can't make mental mistakes. That's a fast way to get a ticket home. For us young guys, it's learning what to do and do it fast. At times I think I do that and at times, not so well.

"Every opportunity to play in the National Football League is big. Coming here with all these veteran guys, I couldn't have hand picked a better spot to go. Aaron Smith, Travis Kirschke, Casey Hampton, Brett Keisel, I can learn from those guys who have been in a league for a long time."

And possibly even the inside info on whether the Steelers believe the Seahawks got a raw deal in Super Bowl XL.

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