The Complete Power Core Rankings Week 12

And another new No. 1. This seems to be the theme this year. No one team wants to take a commanding hold of the league. Makes for a very intriguing final couple of weeks, unless you live in Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati…etc.<p> <b>1. Tampa Bay -</b> The Bucs looked great last week, but the defense still carries the team too much.<p> <b>2. Denver -</b> Didn't look that impressive in a win, but still are the best in the AFC.<p>

3. Green Bay - Ever team has a bad game now and then.

4. Atlanta - The Falcons didn't look tired, Coach Cowher.

5. Oakland - Held Brady without a touchdown - the first time all year.

6. Philadelphia - Who is the backup? Koy Detmer? No, seriously.

7. Miami - Clicking their heels hoping Fiedler comes back soon.

8. Tennessee - Even I didn't see that thrashing coming.

9. San Francisco - 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

10. New Orleans - Mike Vick is the bane of their existence.

11. St. Louis - So Mike, how short is the leash on Warner?

12. Pittsburgh - Here comes Kordell to the rescue.

13. San Diego - Big overtime win. Now if they can only beat Denver in the rematch.

14. Indianapolis - Suddenly things starting to work in Indy.

15. New England - Victims of revenge game from hell.

16. NY Giants - The Giants hope to keep it close until they meet Philly again.

17. Kansas City - You can kiss that playoff berth goodbye. The schedule is too murderous.

18. Buffalo - Not to worry Bills fans. The race is far from over.

19. Jacksonville - Stay in the AFC South race after surviving the Texans.

20. Baltimore - Beginning to free-fall. Now face Tennessee, the hottest team in the AFC.

21. NY. Jets - They're playing much better, but I don't see them winning the East.

22. Cleveland - Still only a ½ game out of the AFC North…for now.

23. Washington - Steveo decides now to go one quarterback per half.

24. Seattle - Once again the run defense kills them.

25. Carolina - Can anyone ever get excited about the Panthers?

26. Arizona - Couldn't beat Philly if McNabb had lost both of his legs.

27. Detroit - Az-Zahir Hakim out for the season. That's as interesting as it gets.

28. Dallas - Jerry Jones finally going young at RB by playing Troy Hambrick more. Your 4 seasons too late, Jerry.

29. Minnesota - Michael Bennett is a gem. Now if they'd only cut Randy Moss.

30. Chicago - Maybe Marty Booker could be the starting quarterback.

31. Houston - What can I say. They're expansion. That's about all I can say.

32. Cincinnati - Just in time to save Pittsburgh from a sour season.

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