Transcript: Mike Tomlin

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media following the 16-10 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

MIKE TOMLIN, coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

I thought the finish of that game was a great experience for the young men to be in somewhat of a pressure situation and have to deliver and have to communicate against a no-huddle offense and make some plays. I felt some guys did that. But overall, a review of the game, I thought we got some things accomplished we wanted to accomplish. I thought our first offense was sharp coming out of the gate. That was important to us. It was important that we got Willie Parker going and got him some looks early. We were able to do that. I wanted to give (Rashard) Mendenhall a few totes to see what he was capable of. I felt like we did that to a degree. I thought Dennis Dixon came in and did some nice things. Special teams, I thought we were solid, which of course is important to us. Jeff Reed banged a kick home that he didn't bang home in practice when we were up in Latrobe the other day. That was by design to put him in that situation, but Jeff delivers. Defensively, I thought we ran to the ball. I thought we were sloppy tackling at times. It was kind of indicative of the first preseason game, but there's a silver lining in those situations because you get put on the short field, you got to stand up in the red zone and we made them kick a field goal. I thought that was good. All in all, it was a productive outing first time out. Glad to get a win.

Q: What's Charlie Batch's status?

A: Charlie looks like he has a broken collarbone at this time. I don't want to speculate on the length of time. I've heard anywhere in the four-to-six-week range with his status. Unfortunate incident, but as you guys know our approach is it's part of football. We'll regroup and make necessary adjustments and keep this thing rolling.

Q: What happened on the play?

A: It was a miscommunication between he and Mewelde Moore. The reality is he ended up with the football and tried to make the best out of a bad situation. Made a nice play. The competitor in him probably got the best of him and he lowered his shoulder and the end result is a broken collarbone.

Q: Will you sign a quarterback?

A: Absolutely. That's something that's being discussed as we speak. We'll know more tomorrow.

Q: Will you look for a veteran or just any quarterback?

A: Veteran football player.

Q: Is it possible that Charlie goes on IR?

A: No.

Q: What did Dennis Dixon do well tonight?

A: I thought he got the ball out of his hand. That's something you worry about with a young guy, getting paralyzed, if you will. He made seemingly quick decisions. A few times the pocket broke down, you saw his athleticism. He got out around some things. But more than anything I thought that he had a nice demeanor. He didn't appear to be overwhelmed by the situation he was in. Even though he went into the game sooner than he anticipated, I thought he was cool. That of course is a big part of that position.

Q: Lawrence Timmons flashed closing speed on some plays. What did you think of his performance?

A: It was really kind of what he expected. He showed us the same things he's been showing us in Latrobe and the same things he's been showing us going back to the spring at the South Side facility. Lawrence is a run-and-hit guy, and he did that tonight and made some plays for us.

Q: What about the offensive line?

A: Overall as a group I thought that we finished plays. We pushed piles, we finished piles. I liked the overall finish. It's an indication that that's a group that's in shape, which I mentioned earlier in training camp. I thought that showed up tonight with that group. One of the things that's been exciting is our play-action pocket passes have been nice and secure. It's been that way in training camp and I thought it was that way again tonight, which is a good sign.

Q: If Paul Ernster is your punter, might you also use him on kickoffs?

A: Yeah, but we're in the process of still evaluating, man. We've got a long way to go in regard to that. He did a nice showing for himself tonight, but we're still exploring options at that spot.

Q: How's Ryan Mundy?

A: He wasn't able to finish the game, but I don't think it's going to be long term. We'll know more in the morning from him, but we don't anticipate him missing any game time. It might be a day-to-day thing in Latrobe. It was a shame because that was a young guy we were anticipating getting a lot of work in that football game. Somebody's misfortune was his opportunity with Anthony Smith and Troy (Polamalu) being down. He wasn't able to take advantage of it because he got injured. (It) created an opportunity for a guy like Roy Lewis, who stepped in there and made some nice plays – a very deliberate striker for a former corner, for a guy that went to a quarter school and didn't get to work with us in the OTA sessions. He did a nice job tonight, compliments to him.

Q: What was Mundy's injury?

A: Shin.

Q: Was it important for Parker to get work early to get over the mental hurdle?

A: I'm not concerned about the mental hurdle. Willie Parker displays more mental toughness than that, to be quite honest with you. It was just important to get him going, because this was the first preseason game. He's our primary feature runner and we wanted to get him a couple totes and get that first offense off to a nice start, which he did for us.

Q: What kind of growth do you expect from Santonio Holmes in Year 3?

A: Santonio wants to be great. He wants to do what's required to be great. He came in in absolute awesome physical condition. He's in great shape. He's a good worker. He's very verbal. He communicates with younger receivers, older receivers, quarterbacks. We expect great things from him and I think he expects great things from himself.

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