The Complete Power Core Rankings Week 13

The Bucs firmly entrench themselves as the best team in football. But, if I had to pick right now who will win the Super Bowl, I'd have to go with…Green Bay. Favre's having his best year even though they're banged up right now. But don't hold me to that pick. <p>

1. Tampa Bay "Battle of the Bays" proves that Gruden's got a great shot at the trophy.

2. Atlanta No one wants to play against Vick in the playoffs.

3. Miami Silenced many critics last week. But, wait till Fiedler gets back.

4. Oakland The Raiders look like the team from the first 4 weeks.

5. Green Bay Sunday would have been a different outcome if in Lambeau.

6. Denver I won't move them that far down. Two 50-plus field goals in the snow? Are you kidding me?

7. Philadelphia Their quarterbacks are falling like flies, but they keep winning.

8. Pittsburgh Disaster almost struck Heinz Field. But that's expected when the Bengals come to town.

9. New England The Patriots got a scare of their own from the Vikings.

10. Indianapolis Marvin Harrison is this generation's Jerry Rice.

11. San Francisco The Niners blow a big opportunity to stay in the bye week race.

12. NY Jets Wow. Officially the hottest team in the AFC.

13. New Orleans Fall out of the top-12 for the first time all year.

14. San Diego No one runs on the Chargers like Miami did. No one.

15. Cleveland Huge upset in New Orleans keeps the division hopes alive.

16. St. Louis If they're smart, they'll trade Bulger for some high draft picks.

17. Tennessee Okay, so maybe they were ranked too high last week. Is this better?

18. Washington Lavar Arrington finally makes an All-Pro play.

19. Baltimore Beginning to free fall. Now face Tennessee, the hottest team in the AFC.

20. Buffalo All that talk of Drew Bledsoe for MVP has sure died down, huh?

21. NY Giants Apparently the Giants don't realize the opportunity that presents itself with McNabb injured.

22. Kansas City The Chiefs' lack of defense hurts, but to allow 8 300-plus passing days in one year ties an NFL record.

23. Jacksonville Loss in Dallas may hurt, but a loss this week is a backbreaker.

24. Seattle Once again the run defense kills them.

25. Chicago The Lions' gift is the Bears' gain. It's about time they got a break.

26. Dallas – Wins. Let's move on, nothing to see here.

27. Carolina Outscored 71 – 0 by the Falcons this year.

28. Arizona Not long ago, the Cardinals looked like a playoff team.

29. Houston Every win is the biggest win in franchise history, but they beat a possible playoff team in the Giants.

30. Minnesota Gave the Pats more than they could handle.

31. Detroit Bye Marty. It's been fun, but when it's 4th down in overtime, never, ever take the penalty.

32. Cincinnati That kickoff blunder was just the Bungle we've come to expect.

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