Wednesday with Ben: Sept. 17

Ben Roethlisberger held his weekly meeting with the media Wednesday. Here's what the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers had to say:

Ben Roethlisberger held his weekly meeting with the media Wednesday. Here's what the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers had to say:

Do you feel better today than you did one week ago?

Yeah, I do. Obviously I'm sore, but who isn't sore in here? Yeah, definitely better. I'm making progress.

Did you think Shaun Rogers should have been penalized for his hit on you?

I was waiting for that one. I don't really remember it until watching it again. I knew I went down. I think the whole play, I think someone jumped offsides, it was just kind of a funky thing that happened. I'm not going to say something's cheap.

Do you think the refs should be protecting you a little bit?

Yeah, I'd back that. It's tough. I think (LaMarr) Woodley got called on something like that that was kind of suspect. It's a judgment call. Sometimes they call it, sometimes they don't.

Your coach said the shoulder is sprained, not separated. Is there some confusion there?

No, I'm not sure where everything came from. I'm not going to talk about it. It's not worth talking about. I'm healthy and we're going to go play football.

Does Philadelphia bring so many looks that you don't know where they're coming from? Is it similar to the way Dick (LeBeau) coaches defense?

Yes and no. Coach LeBeau is a genius, not that coach (Jimmy) Johnson isn't. It's just that they're moving guys around and doing stuff. The secondary is very veteran. The up-front group is very athletic in getting guys around. It's going to be a challenge for us.

The Cowboys did put some points on the board against them.

Yeah, they're the Cowboys. They're pretty good on offense, too.

Did you see the game?

Yeah, I watched it. It was one of those things. I talked to the Philadelphia media and told them it's either going to be a low-scoring game or a high-scoring game. Both teams have great offenses and good defenses and it's going to be a slugfest.

Is this the kind of game where you have to put 40 up on the board?

If we have to, I think we can if we have to. We're going to play Steelers football and however that plays out, it plays out.

The defense would probably like you guys to possess the ball and run the clock. Is that something you want to do?

I think with their offense, they're very high-powered and quick-striking. If we can control the ball and move it and put points on the board when we're in the red zone, that will be key for us.

How big of a measuring stick will playing teams from the NFC East be for you guys?

It will be big because all of our NFC teams are teams that made the playoffs. It's a big measuring stick for us.

Are defenses coming after you more than normal?

I think what they're trying to do is exploit what they think is a weak offensive line. We gave up a lot of sacks last year. I think teams are trying to exploit that. I think my guys up front have done a pretty good job of shutting people down.

Coach said you're able to get a lot out of practice without practicing. How are you able to do that?

Last week I didn't really practice until Friday. Thursday, I took all of the snaps and instead of throwing, I just went through all of the motions and pointed to the guy I was throwing to. It's a way to see the play, as coach says, in the helmet. It's good to be able to be mentally in there.

Will you limit yourself in practice?

I don't limit anything, coach limits it.

Can you talk about how well Hines (Ward) and Santonio (Holmes) are playing?

I've always been one to spread the ball around. The two pass catchers who are getting the most probably like it that way. But I throw to who's open. The last two games, if you look at the way we played, the first one, we were just running the clock out because we were winning, and last week, the wind kept us from throwing it too much. I don't think anybody should be getting too worried about who's going to get balls because our true offense will start showing itself very soon.

Was it a case of the network getting the information wrong?

I didn't even know what was said. I don't know how it got miscommunicated, but it's not even worth talking about any more. It's over with, we move on.

Tomlin said he senses more of an attitude on the offensive line this year.

Yeah. They're mean sons of guns. I like it. If I'm on the ground, if I happen to get hit, it seems like they're all right there to pick me up. Heaven forbid they give up a sack, they're there. They have an attitude, whether it's run blocking or pass blocking, they want to be the best. They've got my back and I've got theirs. They're a great group.

Do you see a chip on their shoulders, collectively?

No question. Any time you get talked bad about, it puts fuel in your fire. I'm glad because they're playing pretty well right now.

Any doubt you'll play Sunday?

You've got to be crazy asking me that.

How well do you know (Donovan) McNabb and what does he mean to their franchise?

I know him pretty well. He's a great guy. He's a friend. He's gone through a lot in Philly to say the least. I think he's an elite quarterback in this league and I think he helps that team and pretty much a lot of what he is, that team is.

He was asked about that today and he said he's known you since you were three?

Yeah, he pushed me around in my stroller, he's so old.

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