Lolley: Steelers mimick Colts, beat Jags

That was a heck of a Peyton Manning impersonation by Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday night in Jacksonville.

That was a heck of a Peyton Manning impersonation by Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday night in Jacksonville.

The Pittsburgh Steelers spent most of the night attacking the Jaguars out of spread formations and using a no-huddle and Jacksonville never really figured it out as the visitors snuck out of town with a 26-21 win.

Thing is, Jacksonville should have been able to adjust. The Jaguars play the Colts twice a year and give them fits. But they never made any good adjustments to slowing the Steelers.

A big part of that was their inability to run the ball.

Jacksonville beat Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew both running for more than 100 yards. They combined for 26 on 15 carries against the Steelers and left Jacksonville's defense on the field way too long.

And Roethlisberger was just picking them apart with quick passes all over the field.

Don't get too used to it, though. Sunday was Roethlisberger's sixth 300-yard game in his career, but only the second one the Steelers won.

The Steelers would prefer not to play football that way, but the game dictated the pace.

© By the time this season is complete, James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley will have more combined sacks than any other outside linebacker duo in Steelers history.

There, I said it.

In fact, they may battle it out to break Chad Brown's team sack record.

There's just no way teams can double them both and still be effective getting the ball downfield. Teams can max-protect all they want, but the way Harrison and Woodley are getting after it, it doesn't matter.

© If that fourth quarter call on Harrison is roughing the quarterback, they might as well put the quarterbacks in shrink wrap from now on.

Harrison didn't even take one step before hitting David Garrard and he let up on him instead of driving him into the ground as hard as he could have.

That was the most ridiculous call in a game that had more than its share.

© Nate Washington's taunting penalty in the fourth quarter was a lot more blatant than the one called earlier in the game on Jacksonville's Brian Williams.

Washington at least gestured to the Jacksonville bench – a stupid move considering the situation – costing the Steelers 15 yards on their game-winning drive.

Williams merely said something to Washington that is unprintable, but had something to do with Washington missing a deep ball down the sidelines. Washington said there were a few choice words in the conversation, but it certainly wasn't taunting.

Ron Winters' crew called 18 penalties in this game and really pretty much made a travesty of it.

© I loved Hines Ward's first catch of the game, a 13-yard reception in the first quarter.

Ward caught an out and you could see him look for the defensive back when he turned. Ward lowered his shoulder and drove William James – formerly known as Peterson – another three yards.

It sent a message that the Steelers weren't going to be outplayed physically in this one as happened twice against the Jaguars last season.

© For the second week in a row, Ward was the recipient of a couple of late hits as opponents seem to be targeting him.

Ward seems to enjoy it though, bouncing back up after the excessive hits that are giving the Steelers an extra 15 yards.

You just have to wonder, though, how long the proud veteran will be able to take those kind of shots.

© Roethlisberger was magnificent in this one, with his only big mistake being the interception to Rashean Mathis.

But even that one wasn't really Roethlisberger's fault. Santonio Holmes stumbled coming out of his break and never recovered.

It was a gift-wrapped pick for Mathis.

© Interesting that when Marvel Smith went down in the second half with cramps, he was replaced by Trai Essex, not Max Starks.

It really makes you wonder if the team is going to be willing to make the move of bumping right tackle Willie Colon – who's really struggling – to right guard and inserting Starks at right tackle.

Dale Lolley appears courtesy of the Observer-Reporter

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